Brunch culture is alive and well in New York City. This is due, in large part, to the fact that it condones the public consumption of alcohol before noon on Sundays (not that most of us need an excuse).

The big question isn’t should we go to brunch, but where?

New York, as a city, is spreading further and further out into the outer boroughs every day. Manhattan isn’t the only option for a fabulous brunch, and more importantly, a fabulous brunch cocktail.

That said, if you don’t like to leave the island, consider the brunch cocktails at Freemans. Well known for their stellar menu and down home ambiance, their cocktail menu is not to be overlooked. Aside from classics like (stellar) Bloody Marys and mimosas, you have a selection of exciting and handcrafted options to look into. It’s an especially nice menu if you are a gin drinker.


Freemans Photography by Daniel Krieger, 2015Photo Credit: Freemans


Give the Black Briar Thorn a go if you like your gin with a hint of herbaceous flavor. With a hit of anise from the Pernod absinthe, bright citrus from the lemon, earthy balsamic vinegar and savory oregano, this is a great alternative if you fancy a savory cocktail, but don’t typically like a Bloody Mary.

Maybe you’re a die hard Brooklynite and are looking for a cool place to check out in your neck of the woods. Brunch can be an opportunity to hop on the G train and head to Greenpoint in search of the perfect brunching experience. Popular among the locals, Esme offers a wide selection of delicious dishes and a fresh, concise selection of both classic and craft brunch cocktails to please the most difficult to please foodie friend.


5c1bc6ad24b66f19676051d32aab29d6Photo Credit: Esme


If you’re a whiskey fan, the Johnny Jump In is just as much fun as it sounds. A simple fall blend of whiskey, cider, lemon and, cinnamon gets the job done in a light a refreshing way. It’s the perfect refreshing compliment to Esme’s deep-fired, comfort food based menu.

Finally, for all of the Queens die hards, it’s hard to beat The Bonnie. While Queens has amazing options in all of it’s neighborhoods, Astoria is really one of the best places to find good food and good booze. Featuring locally crafted beers and spirits, The Bonnie takes pride in it’s mixology and has a cocktail menu almost as large as it’s food menu.


bonniePhoto Credit: Bonnie


If you pass on The Breakfast Shot (coffee infused rye, milkwashed amaro and, hazelnut) you can look into their plethora of other indulgent options. For the vodka lover, not only is there a boss Bloody Mary on the menu, but there is also a Bloody Bull. This savory mix of vodka, beef broth, thyme and lemon is the perfect compliment to a savory brunch-time meal.

No matter where in New York you choose to brunch, the cocktail options are practically endless, so the next time go do yourself a little research and never settle for another weak “bottomless” brunch again.

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