The Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s 73rd Golden Globes took place on Sunday 1/10/16, and we tuned in at home with popcorn in hand, eyes glued to the TV. We know it’s not really about the actual awards; there is something about this annual ceremony that makes watching it a guilty pleasure. The awards are widely suspected to be rigged, and half of the fun is watching for outrageous celebrity behavior. And yet, there’s something very traditional about the whole thing: Seeing all of these Hollywood icons in one place, wearing their glamorous red-carpet dresses has become a staple of American celebrity culture. As the awards are passed out through the evening, there is an envy and delight in seeing the stars achieving their dreams.

We love the Globes for being a little more casual and playful than the stuffy Oscars. Comedian Ricky Gervais returned to his hosting role after a 3 year break, throwing wry jabs at the nominees. The broadcast was loaded with meme-worthy moments that are already making their way across the viral stratosphere. Here are some of the best and worst moments of this year’s Golden Globes:


Worst – Everything about Mel Gibson

When notoriously nutty celebrity Mel Gibson appeared to present, it was the first time he had been seen publicly since some trouble landed him in the news a few years back. We all would have been satisfied to see the acerbic Ricky Gervais give him a hard time, but he made an NSFW joke that was bleeped. Besides that, the banter between the two was just stagey and awkward.


Worst – Awkward filler bits

 This broadcast went on for 3 hours (even prompting a sarcastic “Kill me” from the host), and there were times you could just feel the time dragging. It was never more apparent than when Will Ferrell appeared with Mark Wahlberg to do some joke that wouldn’t end about New Year’s Eve 2016… 10 days too late. Yep, kill us! 


Photo Credit: Paul Drinkwater/NBC Universal via Lainey Gossip


Best – Taraji P. Henderson’s speech

Ms. Henderson, a beautiful and powerful actress, was rewarded for her turn as Cookie in Empire. She handed out cookies on her way to the stage. During her passionate and grateful speech, she was cued off-camera to finish, to which she replied, “Wrap it up? I waited 20 years for this, you’re gonna wait!”


Best – Latinas in Hollywood 

Eva Longoria and America Ferrara took the stage to poke some fun at the fact that Latina actresses are constantly confused for one another in the press. They introduced themselves as “Not Eva Mendes” (Longoria) and “Not Gina Rodriguez” (Ferrara)— a reference to the HFPA itself incorrectly identifying Ferrara as Jane the Virgin star Gina Rodriguez in a broadcast last week. Longoria concluded with “And neither of us are Rosario Dawson.” A funny and classy way to speak up on real issue.


Best – Denzel’s Lifetime Achievement award 

Beloved actor Denzel Washington received the Cecil B. DeMille Lifetime Achievement Award this year. In a touching and emotional speech, he brought his family up on stage to share the moment with him. A pioneer for African American actors, his talent has been widely celebrated in the industry for many years. He has not been without recognition,  but this important and prestigious award is truly a testament to his impact.


gg-blog-denzel-tmagArticle-2Photo Credit: Paul Drinkwater/NBC Universal, via NY Times


And that was the Golden Globes! Always fun, never to be taken too seriously. See you next year! 

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