Many times we forget that the best remedies for our bodies are the ones that nature has to offer, able to relieve many small ailments that plague our daily lives. One of the most effective, fast and economical solutions is herbal teas. These infusions able to help and solve some psychological problems such as stress and insomnia, as well as physical, such as water retention and slow metabolism.


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All of this is possible thanks to the active ingredients within certain herbs that can stimulate and refresh our bodies. Let’s see which herbal teas to choose according to our daily recurring problems:



If stress is preventing you from sleeping, all you need is an infusion of hawthorn, lavender or chamomile, which due to their coronary-dilator properties (hawthorn especially), they have a sedative effect.


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Infusions made from anise, oregano, or bay tree will be a blessing to help digestion. These as well, should be taken before going to bed.


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When you are feeling exhausted, especially during the change of seasons, a cup of fennel or blackcurrant infusion every morning is the perfect solution to start your day!


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Mint, tilia and basil, along with proper nutrition and physical activity, are the main ingredients that fight cellulite in its initial stage, as they stimulate the release of excess fluid.

WARNING: These kinds of herbal teas are not to be confused with the diuretic infusions, which if taken in large quantities, can cause a malfunction in the natural stimulation of diuresis.


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Some herbal teas are able to fight typical winter colds through infusions made with ginger, helping to build immunity; cinnamon, very helpful against sore throats; and thyme, which can stimulate sweating, and consequently is able to lower a fever.


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