For any fashion lover, following designers and fashion pioneers is a beloved pastime. We follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in search of the next trend, or for real-time viewing at fashion shows. Thanks to social media, it has become easy to see inside the mega design houses. But, while we are seeing the end product, what we aren’t seeing is all the behind the scenes work that goes into that one post or magazine article.

Fashion documentaries have become wildly popular within the past few years, showing us the whole process leading up to the ever popular fashion weeks and September issues of magazines. In addition to a spotlight on the mega-designers, street style and department store documentaries have come to play, pushing the envelope for fashion accessibility. Below are our favorite fashion documentaries that should be added to your Netflix queue for 2016.


Dior and I

Dior and IPhoto Credit: IMDb


There’s no better time to watch this documentary now that Dior’s Artistic Director, Raf Simons has announced his departure from the fashion house. See his vision become reality and all the behind-the-scenes work of the atelier as he leads his first Christian Dior haute couture collection fashion show in Paris. This will leave you with a new respect and love for the Christian Dior fashion house, and make you question whether anyone else can fill Raf Simon’s shoes.


Mademoiselle C

Mademoiselle CPhoto Credit: IMDb


Follow the charming Carine Roitfeld’s journey as the former Vogue Paris editor-in-chief starts her own fashion magazine, C. The documentary includes cameos by fashion legends Karl Lagerfeld, Donatella Versace, Tom Ford, and more.



IrisPhoto Credit: IMDb


93 year old Iris Apfel is a fashion icon and genius who has ruled the New York fashion scene for decades. This documentary follows her extravagant life, and has a truly heart-warming message as she inspires viewers to be yourself and break fashion rules.


Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf

BergdorfPhoto Credit: IMDb


The iconic Manhattan department store is so beloved by fashion lovers that their customers want their ashes there! This documentary shows Bergdorf Goodman in a new light, featuring the inner workings of the store including the famous over-the-top window displays, and interviews with Bergdorf staff, fashion designers, and fashion icons that tell stories and gossip that only the elite fashion community could know.


Advanced Style


Advanced StylePhoto Credit: IMDb


This fun loving documentary is focused on the lives of older eclectic and fashion forward women in New York. It’s geared around their quirky personal styles, tips for staying young at heart and aging effortlessly in style.

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