A camel coat is a definite “must-have”, and not just for this winter season. This coat is ever-so-simple, linear and elegant at the same time.

Some argue that this trend began with Max Mara in the 1980s, though now the most famous American and Made In Italy brands have filled in their collections with their own interpretations over the years.


 Photo Credit: Ancona Group 


You’re in luck if you have a camel coat, because it never goes out of style. You can buy it today and wear it forever. Additionally, you can wear it with everything, for both casual and polished looks. You can combine it with a little black dress and high heeled shoes, or even with jeans, a maxi sweater and sneakers, and never go wrong.

Among Italian designers, special attention is given to this concept by companies with a decades-long tradition in tailoring, such as Ancona Group and Lazzari, who have proposed similar interpretations: a fundamentally simple, basic form to complement any outfit.


Photo Credit: Lazzari
  Photo Credit: Lazzari


For winter 2015-16, the camel coat is back in business full force, and the most famous brands in fashion have proposed different versions, ranging from the knee length to a shorter version, landing slightly below the hips. They range in design from jacket-like and casual to a trench coat adaptation.

The most famous bloggers and celebrities have filled the pages of the tabloids and must-have lists with this look. Italian brand Cinzia Rocca has several different but always elegant versions that you can view and purchase on the company’s website.


  Photo Credit: Cinzia Rocca
   Photo Credit: Cinzia Rocca


You could spend thousands of dollars to invest in this wardrobe staple, but there are plenty of inexpensive options on the market. Be sure to pay attention to your proportions. If you’re a petite woman, avoid big and unstructured models and choose a basic look.

Once you have a coat that suits you, you will find yourself having a field day with all of the different ensembles you can create. It’s sure to be a hit now and in the years to come! 

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