With the beginning of any new year comes a long list of TV shows, magazine articles and yes – blog posts, anticipating all of the things we have to look forward to in the impending 365 days. Not the least of which is the best of beauty to come in the new year.

2015 was overrun with contouring. From products to palettes, tutorials and everything in between, everyone wanted editorial cheek bones last year. This year will be all about strobing. A similar effect to contouring, strobing is basically just highlighting, a step many beauty enthusiasts will have started doing a long time ago.

To achieve this look simply reach for a good strong highlight in a formula of your choosing. A great choice is theBalm’s Mary Loumanizer, a warm pale gold color that is widely flattering and packs a serious punch. Simply apply to the high points of the face (cheekbones, bridge of the nose and cupid’s bow), and watch your glow come to life.


marylou_productshotPhoto Credit: TheBalm


Another fun (and a little more out of the box) trend to try that was all over the Spring 2016 runways is blue liner. A bright cobalt liner swiped across the upper lash line is a great and easy statement look. If you’re already accustomed to wearing a strong liner, it’s an easy way to shake things up and make your look fresh for the new year.

Stila makes a great liner formula, and has a wide variety of long lasting blue shades to work with any skin tone and formula preference.

Their Smudge Stick has a beautiful bright blue option in a standard pencil format that will last all day and looks great with a nice slick of mascara.

Or, if you’re more of a liquid liner fan, their Stay All Day Liner in Royal Blue is a deep, cool blue that is a great option for those of you who aren’t ready for a full on bright blue.


stilaPhoto Credit: Stila Cosmetics


Last but not least, the trend to look forward to trying in 2016 is the messy, boy-inspired brow. Like in years past, it’s a good time to put the tweezers down and embrace the stray hairs. The best part about this trend, and a lot of the trends in the coming year, is that it’s incredibly low maintenance.

Glossier brought out the perfect product to fit the bill for this trend. It’s literally called Boy Brow. Inspired by classic men’s mustache wax, it deposits a light layer of color, a soft but lasting hold. It’s the happy medium to many of the brow products that have been on the market for years, and allows you to easily dictate how much product or color you apply.


BB_Carousel_4Photo Credit: Glossier


These are just a few options, and as the year progresses there will be more great trends and beauty highlights to review.

Which trends will you be looking to try come January?