New Year’s Eve is this Thursday and the constant question is, “What will you do?” More importantly, I like to ask, “What will you be wearing?” This night is known for too much hype and lots of let down, but it doesn’t have to be so hard. 

The first thing you need to know is where you’ll be ringing in 2016. Ask around and come to a logical conclusion. Find the most friendly, fun, and convenient option…there’s your answer! Whether it’s a friends house party, your favorite local watering hole, or a luxe prix-fixe dinner in a happening restaurant, if it feels right then that’s how you should spend your night!

Once you’ve decided where you plan to spend New Year’s Eve you can focus on the important details: what you’ll be wearing.


IMG_4208Photo Credit: NastyGal


I long for any occasion to dress for the stars, and New Year’s Eve is the night to make your fancy fashion dreams a reality. I’ve chosen this black velvet jumpsuit by NastyGal, paired with the gold Chandra platform pump by Jeffrey Campbell. Everything about this look screams Belle of the Ball Drop. The plunging neckline speaks for itself, so I prefer going sans necklace, however adding long gold dangle earrings and a bold cocktail ring of your liking should complement the look nicely.  



chandraPhoto Credit: Jeffrey Campbell


The final touch to every ensemble is the proper hair, make-up, and nails, and since it’s New Year’s Eve I say go for the gold. Big, soft curls, parted down the middle will go perfectly with the catsuit. A sultry, shimmering face is the way to go. Golden eyes with a wingtip liner, rosy cheeks with a touch of bronze, and lip gloss with just a hint of plum is perfection. As for the nails, go for long, oval and deep red. This combination is flawless. 

New Year’s Eve is simply a night to gather with your loved ones and celebrate the future together. Although it’s often associated with chaos, it doesn’t have to be. Keeping the plan simple allows you the freedom to have fun with your night. Wearing this divine jumpsuit over the commonly chosen cocktail dress will catapult you into guaranteed good times, and with the proper hair and make-up combination the possibilities are endless. The only thing you need is love in your heart. And cab fare… 

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