We’ve been making New Year’s resolutions for oh…a couple decades now. Anything from things like “exercise a lot” and “lose five pounds” to “eat more kale” and “write a novel.” Like most people, we’re all about using the milestone of a brand-new, uncharted year as the impetus for big changes. Then a couple months into 2016, we’ll be scratching our heads, going “Where does the time go?”

This year, we’re doing things a bit differently. After many successes and failures with new year’s resolutions making, we have fine-tuned the art into a two-prong approach:

1. Pick ONE big theme.

2. Divide life into a few important main “sections” and pick a clear target there, too. Then put it all together. Here we go.


Focus on one main goal: Katniss in the Hunger GamesLaser sharp focus on one target like Katniss in the “Hunger Games”


New Year’s Resolutions 101: The Big Theme

Rather than making a list detailing all the many little things you want to stop and start doing, like trying Bikram yoga and bone broth, take a hard look at your life and think of the one thing that would make it more complete, meaningful, and simply better. This could be a beau or a body makeover. It could mean you focus on your health or your career. The idea is that you don’t drive yourself crazy with doing a million little things differently, but that you pick just one theme and stick with it, such as your Career, saying “this will be the year I will get a raise.” You pick an exact dollar amount. You make a list of all the reasons why you deserve a raise. It will automatically start affecting all other areas of your life.


Salvador Dali perfection quoteNo need for perfection, said Salvador Dali, Photo Credit: Art Quote of the Day


Divide Life Into Main Sections

We decided to slice the pie of life into five slices: health, love, career, creativity and style. You might pick others. We suggest keeping them simple and not choosing too many. Think of them as the main players in the movie that is being you.



Under health alone, you could make a gazillion resolutions: eat out less often, exercise every day, build muscle tone… You will drive yourself nuts. Instead, pick a few of these main themes and focus on them.
No: promise to exercise five times a week, eat 1200 calories max, no sugar/gluten/carbs
Yes: stick with one chosen exercise regimen that has a definite goal (like getting a black belt, mastering unassisted headstand), eat mindfully

Pick up a new skill: yogaMastering a new skill, Photo Credit: Mika Yogawear 



Ah, love, that elusive unicorn. Got a great guy? The grass seems greener in Brooklyn. Got too many guys chatting you up? Neither is perfect. No dudes in sight? They’re all too busy with their man buns and finding that perfect beard oil.
No: date a bunch of hot bad boys and wait for their texts, decide man must have certain qualities or else not suitable (rich, must like cats, Ivy League education) 
Yes: I’m an amazing woman and therefore I deserve an amazing man. I will lay out my net and they will all walk to the sugar pot. I sit back and chill.


Love is in the airLove is in the air, Photo Credit: Buzzfeed



In our professional life, we decided to be more bold and speak up for ourselves, asking for what we want and taking risks.
No: I’m not exactly sure what I want to do. Maybe I’ll take a class online. Maybe ask for a raise. Maybe become a stylist?
Yes: I will learn Spanish fluently and I will ask for a $10,000 raise. Period.

Career: Become an expertPhoto Credit: Levo


We’re not thinking of buying a bunch of trendy adult coloring books (although it is said they are very meditative), but we are deciding to see more art, go to museums and such, to feel a constant stream of creative inspiration.
No: I should do something more creative than shopping and decorating. Maybe with my hands. Maybe I’ll find some ideas on Pinterest and create a new board.
Yes: I will see one art show a month with my BFFs and save X amount of money to travel to Thailand in September. Done.


Art by Judith Supine
Photo Credit: Art by Judith Supine Instagram


You know how American Vogue editor Anna Wintour has had the same hair in forever? Or how model Kate Moss always stays true to her rock chic roots? And Olivia Palermo always looks on trend and chic but never trendy? That’s our motto. Find yourself in your look.
No: I should be more stylish. I should always look put together. I should look more French.
Yes: I will pick a style persona that’s all about me. I will embody that iconic style persona every day.


Style icon Kate MossPhoto Credit: Kate Moss via Elle UK

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