New Year’s Eve is most often spent heralding in the upcoming year with firework shows, popping champagne at parties, and televised special events all over the world. The important question, however, is not just the best way to spend New Year’s Eve, rather what is the best way spend the day after? Between making resolutions, nursing hangovers, and preparing for what is going to be the most prosperous and blessed year ahead, here are our favorite ways to spend January 1st.

In Italy there is a New Year’s day hangover cure that consists of drinking a lot of Spumante (Italian sparkling wine) accompanied by focaccia, and mortadella (Italian cold cut). Drinking wine and eating particular carb filled foods is not the only way to rejuvenate on the first day of the New Year, however. Imagine enjoying a crisp January day in one of Tuscany’s oldest hot springs. Relaxing amongst the flowing, steamy water running over the rocks with the view of the beautiful nature and fields of Saturnia.





Italy has many beautiful, natural hot springs but you can surely find a perfectly refreshing place in America as well. One of the most luxurious high end resorts includes St. Regis in Aspen, Colorado. The St. Regis in Aspen has managed to put a modern spin on the traditional ski lodge.

Sitting on the southern edge of the winter wonderland-esque town, the resort provides guests with spacious rooms dressed in oak floors, deep soaking tubs, and other modern amenities such as digital music players and sound systems. The lobby may be newly redone and furnished with designs by Ralph Lauren himself, but guests say this isn’t even the most relaxing part. Visitors say the most stimulating part is enjoying the full-service Remède Spa after spending a long day on the slopes.

To cap off the perfect New Year’s day, travelers can savor a dinner filled with a zestful Italian-American menu at the Trecento Quindici Decano


str1509gr.130062_xx  the_st._regis_deer_valley_united_states_2Photo Credit: Starwood Hotels

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