New Year’s is the perfect time to make changes, and begin the brand new year with healthy habits. Here are 5 small tips that can benefit your life for the New Year:

 Start small.


Young woman doing yoga exercise in green parkPhoto Credit: firstdancestudios


Instead of diving right into Barry’s Bootcamp or that intense CORE class, start off with a walk around the block, restorative yoga or anything that gets you moving, but isn’t overwhelming. Day by day, you will build up stamina and be surprised how easy it is to keep moving to the next level. Need additional motivation? Grab a friend and try a new activity.


Switch out sodas for soda water.


glasses-of-water2Photo Credit: irunurun


Try replacing all calorie-heavy drinks (soda, fruit juice, energy drinks) with water, sparkling water or tea. It is shocking how many calories can sneak into your glass, not to mention chemicals, preservatives and so much more your body just doesn’t need.


Do a fresh start housecleaning.


Out with the cookies, ice cream and chips. No use trying to keep tempting foods around in the New Year. Replace processed and unhealthy options with healthy choices you’ll enjoy. Make sure when you do your overhaul, you bring in new food that you’ll actually eat.


Eat mindfully.


cibi_alimenti_031Photo Credit: settemuse


Do you find yourself going through a whole bag of chips while watching your favorite show? Eating at your desk or on the go? Take the time and practice mindful eating, and your relationship with food will take on a whole new light. Sit down at the table, turn off the TV and pay attention to the sensory experience your food gives you. Chances are you will eat less and feel more fulfilled.


Set a goal.


Goal setting is a way to clearly map out what you want and track your progress. Make sure you write it down, and revisit the goal list on a daily basis. Now is the best time to get started.




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