Some time ago, tights were not considered appropriate for formal wear. It didn’t matter the weather, the chic thing to do was “tough it out” regardless if you lived in London or L.A. Fashion progresses, as we all know, and this season you can find any kind of fashionable tights for every taste and style. One of our favorite choices for the season is the longuette, darker from the knee down but covering the whole leg, mimicking a Parisian style.


Calze longuettePhoto Credit: Calin Group


Patterns, prints and colors are leading this tights revival, making them a popular trend with many variations, so you are sure to find a pair that suits your style.




Collant TattooPhoto Credit: Patricia Field


Perfect for creating a sexy and slightly edgy pin-up look, all you need is a simple black dress, a bandana hair bow like Amy Winehouse, and an 80’s style faux fur.




Collant coloratiPhoto Credit: Her Room


A classic but unique look, wear these tights with a neutral colored dress with matching shoes and a warm camel maxi-length coat, to add a touch of color to a ladylike style.




Collant a poisPhoto Credit: C21


Polka dots, always chic and in character with that retro feel, are associated with Parisian elegance. That is why an outfit with tights of this type should be accompanied by the famous French beret. Add a warm coat and you’ve done it.




Collant GeometriciPhoto Credit: C21


This year we learned to take risks when piecing together our look. Try wearing your geometric tights with dresses and jackets in other geometric shapes and contrasting colors.

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