Often when it comes to glitter, it can be a little nerve-wracking to wear a trend so eccentric that it certainly will not pass unnoticed. So, what can we do when we are in the midst of a fashion glitter mania outbreak?

The secret is not to be blinded by glitter and sparkles, but we must keep our feet on the ground and respect the fine line between glamour and kitsch.


GLITTERPhoto Credit: Sarah Balivo


Shoes are one of the most difficult accessories to choose because the risk of falling into bad taste is around the corner, ready to catch you. Here is a selection of shoes suitable for a variety of looks that will guide you through the jungle of sparkle, and allow you to keep up with the latest trends while you shine.



Let’s start with the basics: Albano gives you the choice of a classic black glitter décolleté. An ever-simple suitable choice, a pair of these worn with a short evening dress is perfect for an evening of fun with friends. Alternatively, it can be used as a light accessory to your look when choosing a more formal cocktail dress.


8Photo Credit: Albano


For those who want to pull out all the stops, check out Paris Hilton’s Senorita d’Orsay.


ZPH270_MAIN_LGPhoto Credit: Paris Hilton Footwear



For those who can not do without a touch of edge in every outfit, here is the Sam Edelman‘s solution for you: Don a simple black dress and glittering ankle boots for a beautiful look to spend a night at the club. Our only recommendation, the heel should never be lower than 10 cm!


Photo Credit: Sam Edelman



For those who want to sparkle in the office, on an afternoon shopping, or just for lunch at a nice restaurant with a friend, the glittery ballerina by Chiara Ferragni is right up your alley. Comfortable, chic and fun, they will be your best friend for your endless strolls around the city.


ballerinaPhoto Credit: Chiara Ferragni Collection



Last but not least, glittered sneakers like those proposed by D.A.T.E.  are able to transform a sporty outfit or a casual little dress into a quirky, casual look. Do not forget a pair of these in your shoes collection!

sneakersPhoto Credit: D.A.T.E.

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