We first discovered Mr. Kate in the early summer of 2014, when temporary tattoos were starting to trend hugely, but were still super hard to find. Thanks to Instagram, that colorful playbook for early adopters, we happened upon this SoCal company and the most quality, long-lasting, non-peeling beauty marks we ever tried. Fast forward to the winter of 2015. Mr. Kate, who started with artistic jewelry design and said BeautyMarks, is now a top lifestyle brand, intended to “curate and create the best projects and products designed to embellish your unique and inspired lifestyle” with celeb fans such as Jaime King, Kylie Jenner and Maria Menounos. 



mar-kate-brandPhoto Credit: Mr. Kate founder Kate Albrecht



Its mastermind is beautiful Jill-of-all-trades and blogger Kate Albrecht, a self-described “Martha Stewart for her generation (generation Y and Z with some X and Boomers thrown in too!).” Don’t let the Martha comparison deter you. The LA Times wrote Albrecht probably has more in common with the late Nora Ephron than with any maven of domesticity,” when they reviewed her book, titled A Hot Glue Gun Mess: Funny Stories, Pretty DIY Projects featuring DIY lifestyle tips and projects along with hilarious anecdotes.



mr-kate-jewelryPhoto Credit: Forest Horizon Cuff, Mr. Kate


The whole approach of this omni media lifestyle portal is very “now,” encompassing anything from a shop featuring Pussy Panties and gorgeous, eclectic jewelry, to a blog offering DIY projects, gift guides, recipes, and life hacks such as how to do a cleanse, get clear skin, have a fancy picnic and more. Since the Mr. Kate site offers so much beautiful goodness, we decided to highlight four aspects/areas that make us love the brand:


It’s what got us hooked and it’s what keeps us coming back for more. Our new favorites include the colorful metallic Confetti designs, perfect for the holidays. We’re also fond of the delicate, ethereal White designs.



mr-kate-white-beauty-marksPhoto Credit: White BeautyMarks, Mr. Kate


DIY Tips
We love getting creative with unique DIY projects such as how to make your own Fendi-style, poofy, purse pompoms or minimalist dreamcatchers.



MrKate_DIY_FluffBall_Blog-28-of-41-800x533Photo Credit: DIY Furry Monster-Pom Keychain, Mr. Kate


Pussy Panties
These tongue-in-cheek knickers are both sexy and super cute, featuring the insta-famous kitties from Mr. Kate’s Snapchat. We cannot a resist a kitty. Ever.



pussy-pantiesPhoto Credit: Pussy Panties, Mr. Kate


Featuring necklaces, ear cuffs, rings and other pretty things, the Mr. Kate jewelry selection is everything we want all at once: elegant yet eclectic, boho yet upscale, wild yet worldly.



mr-kate-kreon-ringPhoto Credit: Mr. Kate Creon Ring, Mr. Kate


Have we converted you to Mr. Kate fandom? Let us know your favorite lifestyle brands!

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