Soft, beautiful, warm, embracing, and totally cruelty free: The faux fur is the piece you must have in your closet during this winter 2015-2016. During Paris Fashion Week, furry coats and faux furs marched down the catwalk for brands such as Louis Vuitton, Anna Sui, and Jeremy Scott. These designers and more are turning to the world of the eco-fur, preferring the use of synthetic materials for their creations instead of real animals. Ethical fashion is now possible. British designer Stella McCartney has long supported this idea, she creates glamourous and cruelty-free clothing and accessories, and this winter she is launching a faux fur collection, just like a real snow queen!


Stella_McCartney_-_Paris_Fashion_Week_Autumn-Winter_2015_grandePhoto Credit: Spotify


From haute couture to high street fashion, the faux fur is an ally of several different trends in vogue. This includes sleeveless and bulky jackets, and oversized coats in bright colors and pastel shades. And the market for it as expanded as well – whereas in the past you might have just had a choice of furry scarves to choose from, now you might see women carrying around a shawl or fuzzy bag. 


PomikakiBorsa Priscilla Pomikaki, Photo Credit: Jeunessecouture


Donna Salyers is the leading designer of the faux fur in the United States. She started creating clothing with this material in 1989 in her studio in Cincinnati, and today her products are sold in the most famous boutiques, hotels and casinos, and they are distributed by big names, such as Saks Fifth Avenue in New York. Fabulous Furs offers an infinite choice of faux fur designs, from traditional styles to modern interpretations, and the only animal that she uses is the mascot cat in her website.


Photo Credit: Fabulousfurs


Elisabetta Franchi is an Italian designer whose collections are known for their elegant, modern and feminine style. Her company is based in Bologna, but she has more then 60 boutiques all around the world. Her animal friend philosophy is a strong quality of the company, and her faux fur collection includes coats, fur dresses and scarves.


2be58953a0749e9d513662cbc223a602Photo Credit: Elisabetta Franchi


There is a long list of reasons why we should choose a faux fur instead of the real deal. The time when real fur was a symbol of luxury and elegance, like during the ’80s, is gone, and as we have seen, celebrities and fashion addicts prefer the faux. Years of research in the textile field have produced synthetic materials that are warmer, waterproof and more hygienic compared to animal skin. There is no difference in the style, but a big difference in the saving of millions of animals. And that’s why you should go faux: It’s more fair, it’s less expensive and it’s affordable to everybody.


ANNIE PPhoto Credit: Anniep