Traveling during the holidays should not be taken lightly, and dressing accordingly is important. No matter what we are doing, our appearance reflects ourselves, so although you want to feel comfortable on your trip, there is absolutely no need to look shabby in the process. Unexpected things can happen, and the possibilities are endless in a day of travel… if you are properly dressed, that is. Arriving in style sets the tone of your trip!

For planes, trains, and automobiles I choose to color block. When my circumstances are chaotic, I find solid clothing colors provide a sense of calm while looking chic. For this holiday season I’m choosing an all black ensemble. A cashmere turtleneck sweater (I have the one from Equipment, below) paired with black leggings (check out these from Peace Love World), and a comfortable pair of black boots.


u10-s118_black_95550Photo Credit: Equipment


This outfit is modern and savvy-looking… and very thinning, as well. This sort of look will you provide you with the cat-like reflexes needed to navigate baggage claim while still looking sharp. A few things to consider are flexible clothing, wrinkle resistant fabric, shoes that are broken in, and minimal jewelry. We’ve got to be able to boogie without looking disheveled. Jet-setting is a mission where obstacles may arrive, and any sort of binding clothing or uncomfortable footwear is a hindrance. 

For your journey, polished beauty is something to consider. Traveling can make you feel grimy. I suggest a getting a blow-out and wearing minimal make-up. If your hair is blown out it gives some leeway to go a bit more modest with the make-up. You can always forgo make-up completely and wear big black sunglasses (like these from MINKPINK).



MPSUNNIES19-06-2014-56Photo Credit: MINKPINK


With the solid black outfit, beautiful blowout and sexy sunnies, you can totally pretend you’re a movie star. I recently traveled all day long, and upon arrival I dashed in the ladies room and quickly threw on some tinted moisturizer, cheek stain, and mascara. I wanted to look snazzy for my family, as I hadn’t seen them in six months.

This time of year, we visit the special people in our lives that we may not see every day, and our first impression after lapsed time is a lasting one. At the same time, we are just traveling-not going to to the actual event, so theres no need to look ostentatious. We can be anything we want in this life however, I think its essential that we are never to be that girl traveling in glorified pajamas. I recently wore this look as I embarked on a 12 hour journey with multiple airports and flights. I met several people and was even asked out on a date! I credit the outfit, coupled with holiday cheer! 



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