Christmas Eve is inevitably one of those occasions when the dreaded question “What shall I wear?” looms. Elegance, comfort, expression, and style are all essential elements that need to be united in a single outfit. But what if you have to spend December 24 with your boyfriend’s family?

If you are trying to make an impression there can be no mistakes, and for this you will have to pay attention to every detail!





It’s the time when you give the first impression of yourself. His parents might open the door smiling, his favorite aunt rushing forward from the background with hugs and kisses. As you make your greetings, your outerwear will be the first thing everyone sees. You cannot go wrong choosing a faux fur coat like one below by 8PM. You will have a touch of glamor (without offending the animal rights sensibilities of anyone), but at the same time you you will be protected from the freezing cold of December.


pelliccia ecologicaPhoto Credit: 8PM



When the coat comes off, the critical time begins. This is the opportunity to present yourself to the relatives who you haven’t met, talk with those you already know, and help out in the kitchen if needed. This is the time to show off the 8PM collection cardigan: white, minimalist and soft as the snow outside the window, perfect for Christmas.


cardiganPhoto Credit: 8PM



The fireplace and the food, lots of food, can be a deadly combo for even the most chilly woman to start sweating, so the choice of the shirt should be well thought out. Comfortable yet refined and simple are the keywords you’re after with this loose, geometrically patterned shirt.


camiciaPhoto Credit: 8PM



Card games, bingo, after-dinner drinks and the opening of presents at midnight are just some of the activities that will make you be glad you chose the high-waisted pants of the Via Masini 80 collection and large shirt by 8PMNow you can feel both relaxed and fabulous as you chat with the family and play with the young cousins.


pantaloniPhoto Credit: Via Masini 80



It’s right to keep up with trends and to dress to impress for the family, but don’t forget your boyfriend!

To complete your look, wear the lingerie that he loves on you, and why not, any jewelry that he might’ve bought for you in the past. And if he hasn’t already given you those things, you can find them yourself at Christie’s Lingerie and Botteguccia, and you may include them in your wishlist to Santa.


collagePhoto Credits: Christie’s LingerieBotteguccia

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