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Time is the only thing that flows inexorably, that does not wait, that is not forgiving. The hours pass, and with them the days become months and then years. And you do not notice. You do not stop to reflect on the missed opportunities, the disappointments you receive, the love that upsets you and the joy that fills your heart. Time is, by itself, too fast. For our part, we can focus on the intention to make the most of it, and that’s a start. To set goals and strive to achieve them should be what propels us forward and keeps us awake.

It’s important to know how to spend our time, but also by being aware, we buy ourselves a little more every day.

Le Coeur Watches was born with this perspective.


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Starting from the wrists of those who created and realized this design, and now on the wrists of the rest of us who are setting about their dreams. The brand was born in America in 2014, and stands out today for the high quality of the materials that are sourced (Italian), but also for the innovate way they are giving back.

From each sale, Le Coeur donates 10% to a different charity each month. The goal is to return the good that buyers infuse the brand with their purchases in order to create social change and help those who can not afford happiness.


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With its minimalist design and deep European roots, wearers of Lecoeur do not want to wear any other. Influenced by the world and designed in America, each watch gets its name and characteristics of the city from which it was inspired such as the models New York, Lisbon, Milan, Paris, and London.

These designer accessories are made with high quality materials, each strap is of Italian origin, and they are waterproof up to 15 feet. These will be the watches you will never forget.

With the ability to track and make the most of time, we can fear it a little less.

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