Let’s talk about that thing we all hate to love, the Christmas sweater. Many of us perhaps even have one of those classic family portraits in bosom-buddy matching sweaters… You know the one! The one that makes you cringe when you think of it. You and your siblings look fairly sad and slightly irritated, yet your mom and dad boast a great big smile. As for the matching sweater you are all wearing… it’s a busy one! There is Santa, a reindeer, garland, mistletoes, gold bells, a sleigh and a decked out Christmas tree. But now that we’re older, and have all come into our own style, we can revisit the look and turn it into something fabulous. In fact, the Ugly Christmas Sweater has made a comeback, and people like to revisit this ugly tradition for fun. Something that started as an embarrassing tradition, became an ironic joke, now can be styled and accessorized to be kind of… well, cute. Here are few Christmas sweaters worth trying this season. 


Totally Classic

This is your typical Christmas sweater, it’s not extremely over the top, but has just enough holiday related motifs to let the world know why you’re wearing it. Styled with the perfect accessories and bottom, you can make it work. 

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Accessories: Henri Bendel Lizard Party Starter Box
Sweater: Poof Light Up Reindeer Sweater
Bottom: Sea of Gold Sequin Maxi Skirt


Silly Slogan

“Ho! Ho! Ho!” “Dear Santa, I can explain…” “Bah Humbug.” “What The Elf?!” “Gangsta Wrapper.” “So Elfin Cute!” I could go on, but I think you get the picture. Christmas lingo lends itself to some pretty awesome sayings. When styled right, the sweater can complete a great holiday outfit. 

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Sweater: Derek Hearts Naughty List Sweater
Bottoms: Elizabeth and James Jaxson Fringed Leather Skirt
Shoes: Dulce by Jeffrey Campbell


The Ultimate Ugly Christmas Sweater

Garland, yes! Rudolph, yes! Snowman, Santa, candy cane, Christmas tree, four times yes! Add a couple of bells and a few Christmas lights and you’ve got the perfect recipe for the ugliest sweater that’s secretly, for one day, kind of cute! 

Christmas Sweaters


Sweater: Tipsy Elves Women’s Ugly Patchwork Cardigan
Bottoms: L’Agence Chantal Vintage Skinny
Shoes: Perouze by Jeffrey Campbell


Dig into the back of your closet ladies, those Christmas sweaters deserve to be seen! Tag @isokeMK and @styleblendmag on Instagram, we’d love to see yours. 

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