Now that the holiday season has arrived, many of us have plenty of family and friends filling up our must-visit list. Not to mention the office parties and random get togethers that are slowly but surely populating our calendars. Many of us have already answered the age-old What will I wear question. But what about your hair? You’ve meticulously ironed out the details of each ensemble but how will you style your tresses to take the look to the next level? For this holiday season, we’re thinking up-dos and hair jewels, and who better than our coveted celebs to look to for holiday hair inspiration?


Holiday Hair Inspiration: Up-Dos

An up-do is the perfect way to flaunt your neckline or stand-out jewels. Check out a few great looks below:

1. The Top Knot: Kendall Jenner


Photo Credit: Zimbio


A top knot, with or without the bangs, is a definite winner for this holiday season. As seen recently on various celebs on the red carpet of this American Music Awards; Kendall Jenner (pictured above), Jennifer Lopez, Ariana Grande, Christina Milian and Karruche Tran. If you’re thinking of rocking a top knot this holiday season, check out Merrick’s tutorial.

Check out more celebrity up-dos here


2. The Half-Up Do: Gabrielle Union


ggggPhoto Credit: Star Sightings


If you’re not ready to fully commit to a total up-do, try a half-up do like Gabrielle Union at RunWade 2015. Or try a half bun like Taraji P. Henson, or this pumped half-up do from Gwen Stefani. To try one of J.Lo’s signature half-up dos follow this YouTube tutorial.


Holiday Hair Inspiration: Hair Jewels

Hair jewels are the perfect “something extra” to add to your holiday ensemble. Check out a few faves below:

1. Rita Ora


Photo Credit: Glamour


Rita Ora took her sleek low ponytail to the neck level at the 2015 Bambi Media Awards. By adding a few knots and jewels, she captivated the crowds attention when coming and going. 


2. Janelle Monae


janelle-600x800 Photo Credit: People StyleWatch


Janelle Monae decided to spice up her signature pompadour up-do with gold rings at the CFDA Awards this year. You too can take your signature look from “you” to “new you” with a few head accessories this holiday season.


Author’s Pick: Colette Malouf Hair Jewels


Holiday Hair Inspiration1. Mesh Athena Headband
2. Crochet Wire Poppy Large Comb
3. Steel Diamond O Pony
4. Diamond Scribble Bobby Pair


What celebs are inspiring your holiday hairstyles this season?

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