Are you as obsessed with eyebrows as we are? In an effort to achieve perfection (symmetry, fullness, shape), we have tweezed them to death, filled them in with a gazillion products, gelled them into place, waxed them, dyed them and, of course – ever on-trend – had them threaded.


the-threading-spa-eyebrowsPhoto Credit: The Threading Spa


Threading taught us a few things we need to share.

It’s an Art

Eyebrow threading is an art. Only see someone who has truly perfected the craft. Someone who just learned it in a weekend workshop? No! The person has to know how to finesse and twist her thread to pull out tiny brow hairs individually.

No Pain, Big Gain

Threading surprisingly doesn’t hurt more than waxing. In fact, it can hurt less as it just pulls out individual hairs. Who would have thought?

 celeb-eyebrowsPhoto Credit: Total Beauty, Harpers Bazaar, Vogue


It’s OK to Be Sensitive

If you have very fair and thin eyebrows, threading is not for you… so we were told. Sensitive skin, however, is no problem at all. In fact, since threading does not take off a thin layer of the epidermis like waxing, it’s better for delicate skin!


Eyebrow-Threading-evergreen-beauty-collegePhoto Credit: Evergreen Beauty College


Precision Work

Threading is very precise, pulling out individual hairs instead of whole sections.


It’s fast. It can take just 5 minutes! And grow-back is slow: hair grows back more slowly, since it was yanked out at its root.

An Acquired Taste

It’s a bit weird. The threader actually takes the thin cotton thread into her mouth to pull it taught. Don’t worry. That end never touches your face! It’s been done this way for thousands of years in the Middle East, India and China.


kim-kardashianinto-the-glossPhoto Credit: Into the Gloss


Only for Pros

Don’t try this at home. Go to a salon.

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