“The excellence of a gift lies in its appropriateness rather than in its value.”
Charles Dudley Warner 

You know, men are always the most difficult to please. Among them there are the narcissists, and even worse, those who pretend not to care but will blame you forever if you misunderstand them and get them the wrong thing. Men really can be worse than women when it comes to Christmas.

However, if there is one thing that never goes out of style in a man it’s elegance, and a detail or accessory can enhance that element to the fullest.

In recent years, the marketplace for men’s accessories has certainly expanded. At first, fashion for men played a marginal role, and now they have just as many options as women do.

But even so, finding the perfect gift for our “Him” is a Mission Impossible, so here is our list of perfect gifts to give to the second part of your heart. 

And if you should buy one of the gifts below and he still is not moved….well then, might we suggest you change men, and give the present instead to your father, or a man equally as deserving!


Calabritto28 orologiPhoto Credit: Calabritto28


The comfortable

He never leaves the house without his favorite scarf, and buys a new one at every opportunity with a single desire: softness. Surprise him with a gift that will keep him warm this winter (besides your embrace). Here to the rescue is Al011pi Cashmere, a company that has produced high-quality cashmere since 1980. For the production of scarves and shawls they use only natural fibers that give the feeling of endless softness. The brand also produces loungewear to enjoy at home. From cashmere robes and slippers, to blankets and pillowcases, your He can no longer complain of the cold.


al011pi2Photo Credit: Al011pi Cashmere


The stylish

For a man who dresses well and knows the devil is in the details, here’s an idea that’s both trendy and versatile: Gloves by 5FingersVenezia, a leader in the industry who is always surprising their customers with innovative ideas ahead of the trends. Sometimes it can seem that there is less variety and surprise in the field of menswear, and the idea of 5FingersVenezia is to create unique options, giving the masculine look added class and individuality. The choice of materials and product designs will make your gift appreciated by the most skeptical of men.





uomo_21Photo Credit: 5FingersVenezia


The lazy 

After a long week of work, he would rather spend the whole weekend at home, watching a movie under the covers if it were up to him. There’s nothing wrong with this, as long as the home is peaceful and your company is appreciated. While you might normally be wishing he would take you out of the city for the weekend, here you can surprise him with some luxury from AltoMilano.

Socks are the link between home and the outside. They are for both strapping on your shoes and running out for an errand, as well as helping you nestle in under the covers with a good book. They are perfect glue between the outside world and our home, which is why we should be selective with our choice of socks.

AltoMilano-Calzificio Facenti made a name for themselves by designing clothes for the man who is attentive to detail. So, when you get tired of being stuck to the couch and want to hit the town, he can no longer use the excuse “I can’t find my socks.”


pantofola-uomoPhoto Credit: AltoMilano


The busy

He’s never at home. He’s always running around, no matter whether it is for business, pleasure or for duty. His legs never stop, he has an appointment now and errands to run after. This man is the most difficult to please because thanks to his organization, he has no time to lose.

In this case, the perfect gift for him can come from Calabritto28, which has created a small jewelry masterpiece: The pocket watch revisited in a modern way and adapted to our time. The unusual rotation of the dial and the strap made of fine fabrics make this unique accessory suitable for both an eclectic personality and cosmopolitan man. If you are addicted to work and sometimes forget to stop for lunch, come home for dinner, or make time for social calls, looking at this accessory every day that has an unmistakable elegance, you will always have the time on your wrist and can never forget that it’s time to go home.


cinturino-sartoriale-calabritto-28-uomo-03-1140x500Photo Credit: Calabritto28

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