Beach waves, natural looking waves, messy waves, Victoria’s Secret hair…referred to by different names, this undone, sexy look is everywhere. How to get it is my biggest request as a hairdresser, and fortunately this sultry style is one of the easiest to achieve. I’m going to guide you from start to finish on a foolproof method to get waves that make waves. Here’s what you will need:

  • Hair gel
  • 1 inch curling iron
  • Salt spray


  1. Thoroughly brush your hair, making sure to remove all tangles, and comb into the desired parting.
  2. Thoroughly cleanse and condition.
  3. Wrap the hair into a turban to remove excess water.
  4. Scrunch the gel into wet hair (avoid brushing as this separates strands and pulls out the natural texture).
  5. As hair dries, periodically scrunch to reinforce shape.
  6. Live your life. Wash the hair at a time when wet/drying hair doesn’t interfere with your activities (allowing the hair to dry naturally).
  7. Once the hair is dry, curl a few focal pieces with the 1 inch curling iron (choose 4-8 small sections that have dried straighter than others making sure to include a few key pieces  around the face).
  8. Curl the chosen sections of hair in both directions (alternating toward and away from the face) in effortless, quick, and imperfect motions.
  9. Spray salt spray into your hands and scrunch into the hair. Voila, enjoy!

They key factors in taking your normal, natural texture to runway ready “beach waves” are making sure you use the right products. The gel is essential in molding and holding the shape, and not drying out the hair. We love “Pillow Soft Curls” by Miss Jessie’s, which gives your curls a big and soft finish as opposed to crunchy.  


PS_8-5ozPillow Soft Curls, Photo Credit: Miss Jessie’s


The 1 inch curling iron is the perfect size to replicate the natural wave while adding umph and interest to the look.  Curling just a few sections should only take a minute and it doesn’t have to be perfect, however its crucial in building the look!

Spraying the salt spray into your hands allows you more control to break up the curls and blend all the textures together. Check out This is a Sea Salt Spray from Davines, an award winning matte-finish spray, and our go-to product for this look.


davinesThis Is a Sea Salt Spray, Photo Credit: Davine’s


So thats it ladies, a simple yet life changing regime for getting head turning, beach textured tresses!      

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