EDX: When College is on the Web

There was a time when college was comprised of classrooms, teachers, other students and open debates. Of course, most people’s experiences with college are probably still like that, having to show up to take exams, attend classes and watch lectures. However, in a world that wants to network and stay connected, this aspect of the experience seems to be part of the past. Now universities, courses, and lessons can be attended from the comfort of your living room. With EDX, you can easily access a world of knowledge from your laptop.

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EDX is an online platform that has partnerships with the largest universities in the world such as Berkley, Columbia, Stanford, Harvard, the Sorbonne, University of Texas, Boston, Australian National University, and many others. It has enabled millions of users around the planet to access their courses of study for free.


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It takes just an internet connection and a good knowledge of English. Curious to know more? Here’s how EDX works: Just go on the website, register with your full name, place a “flag” at your nationality, choose a password and you’re in.

From your account you can follow all the lessons that you want: physics, design, literature, Mandarin, psychology, communications, economics, marketing…The sky is the limit, in fact. There are three categories of classes available: those you completed the previous semester, which have study materials, videos, handouts and multimedia slides available; new courses from your program which will begin immediately, and which require you to sign up with your full name; and finally, the new classes of the current academic semester outside of your major. In this case, the lessons may be followed by live streaming, or by recording and providing your full name and paying a membership fee that will vary based on the type of course chosen. Another innovative aspect of the platform EDX is to have a direct contact with the teachers, and the ability to perform exercises interactively online.


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Your lessons won’t be for nothing. With EDX, after passing any required tests, you can get a certification confirming course participation. This can be a great asset for a winning resume. EDX is a breakthrough in the world of learning, communication and freedom of knowing what is around us. Only an internet connection separates us from the rest of the world.

Everything else is an opportunity at hand waiting to be grasped.

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