With the holiday season in full swing, there are many things to do and people to see. Christmas is right around the corner, and one event that should not be overlooked is a day of gift shopping. Regardless of where you are, a day of Christmas shopping is a full on event. Running into people you know is a given and looking good is a must!

I’ve chosen the Dover Street Market as a shopping destination. With multiple floors of unique and designer wares you are sure to find the perfect gifts.

As you are getting dressed for a day to play Santa, besides looking fabulous, its important to be functional. For this affair I’m going with jeans. I particularly like these high waisted skinnies by Articles of Society.


1Photo Credit: Mya – Worm Blue, Articles of Society


Pairing the denim with a plaid sweater is stylish with a festive flair.


comfyPhoto Credit: Chicwish


Comfortable shoes are essential for a day of walking and shopping. If you wear a pair that’s painful, it’s a total distraction and could cause you to lose focus and make poor purchasing decisions. I stick to the classic Converse all star-high top in navy blue (please no more white). The only thing this shopping ensemble needs is a touch of sex appeal, and this fitted lambskin leather jacket by Schott NYC is just that. 


136WJS_BLK_STILL_FRT1Photo Credit: Schott NYC


Once you are dressed for success, you can address the beauty aspect of this look. Although you are hitting the town in a sense, Christmas shopping tends to be daytime casual, so it’s key that your hair and make-up reflects that. You can wear your make-up “natural” and still look glam. A nude eyeshadow with a touch of soft liner and mascara, accompanied with rosy cheeks and sheer lip treatment, such as rosebud salve, is pretty yet practical. When wearing jeans and sneakers, the hair should be tamed to balance out the look. Down and wavy will work wonders. 

This ensemble is casual but chic and will certainly put you in the spirit of giving. The only thing left to do is remember who the people in your life really are and what they mean to you, and buy them something special that reflects that!

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