Everybody is talking about the latest nail product on the market. Its name can be found on beauty websites, fashion magazines and in the middle of conversations between your girlfriends. It has been said that it’s a revolution in the world beauty and make up!

Allow yourself to be introduced to the new product from England’s Nail Inc.

You might be curious to know the reason why it’s become so famous and popular.

This creation is not only coming from one of the best nail product companies in the UK, born 15 years ago thanks to Thea Green, but because it’s the easiest and fastest nail polish to apply.


Shoreditch lanePhoto Credit: Nails Inc


Not all women have the time to take care of their hands, and some might not be confident in doing their own nail polish, and that’s the idea behind this invention: to make your life much easier… the first spray nail polish!

Nails Inc is available in two different colors, a bright pink called Shoreditch Lane and a metal silver called Hoxton Market. It’s really easy to use, you just have to spray it on your nails and take off the extra color with a bit of water.

You’ll be able to use each spray 15-20 times at least, maybe even 30 if you won’t be so addicted! Try to remember to always lay down some paper towel or newspaper (you don’t want your favorite table become pink or silver), and after you shake the can a little bit, spray on your nails from a 7-8 inch distance.


maxresdefault (1)Photo Credit: Youtube Nails Inc 


Allow a couple of minutes for the spray to dry and settle in to the perfect tone and texture. And keep your eyes peeled for the new colors to arrive very soon!

Don’t forget to show your nails to everybody and to continue to spread the word!

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