When someone asks you out for a date, three questions immediately come to mind: What ever shall we do? Where are we going to go? What am I going to wear? This might feel overwhelming… but honestly it should be fun! You’re getting dressed up for a night out with a potential new interest…it’s all good. 

To start, we have to know what we are doing and where we are going. In the beginning stages of dating, especially first dates, its nice to grab a drink. Meeting for drinks is breezy and noncommittal. You can leave at any time, and if you’re enjoying yourself you can cozy up for a while. The important thing when it comes to cocktailing with your date is an atmosphere that is everything.

Night of Joy in Williamsburg, Brooklyn is a lovely date spot. This spacious bar is the perfect mix of casual and chic. Dim lighting, designer drinks, and ample seating make the setting sultry. Night of Joy also has some bartender babes, and on Wednesdays and Thursdays they have the most sought-after DJs spinning all the best tunes. This is the exact type of place to take a date!

When it comes to a date for drinks, getting dolled up essential and a flirty dress is the way to go. You’ll want to choose something that’s hot, but not over the top. Pretty yet approachable is a good vibe. I’ve chosen the Secretaire Dress by L’ecole Des Femmes. This dress is fabulous– stylish, sexy, and somewhat modest. 


Secretaire Dress, Photo Credit: L’ecole Des Femmes


I prefer the dress with black tights and this intricate pump by Jeffrey Campbell, the combination is perfection.


Photo Credit: Jeffrey Campbell


The beauty aspect of this look is very important. Let’s start with the hair, wearing it down and relatively tamed in a way that makes you feel at ease is what’s most important. Everyone has their own favorite hairstyle, so go with what usually makes you feel your best. With all of the black, a pop of color is critical. As far as the make-up, light eyes, rosy cheeks and bright lips is a win. When going for a bold lip it’s important to keep the eyes soft, as too much make-up can be too overwhelming.

Lastly, I cannot stress enough the importance of polished nails in this ensemble and I would go for a hot pink-almost red. You can even coordinate your nail polish and lip color, this forgotten detailing is very 1960s and looks spectacular! 


Brides No Grooms, Photo Credit: Essie


So there you go ladies, this date ready look equals heartbreaker, so just show up smiling and let the good times roll…

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