If the Holidays do anything for beauty, it legitimizes sparkle and shimmer in a way that no other occasion can. Not that you need a reason if sparkle is your jam.

For those of us who tend to reach for creme colors or understated shimmers most of the year, now is the time to expand your horizons. The advent of the online beauty community has given birth to a whole host of “indie” nail polish brands. Regular men and women stirring up glittery concoctions in their kitchens to satisfy the most discerning manicure enthusiasts.  With a price point similar to your favorite salon brands it’s hard to say no.

I Love Nail Polish (or ILNP) is one of these small brands that has made waves with their beautiful formula and even more beautiful selection of glitters and “multichrome” colors. Some of their shades use color shifting pigments that allow your nails to appear to be multiple colors at once. Other shades shower your tips in shards of colorful, textured and understated sparkle. Their multichrome shade Cameo shifts and fades from gold to green and the pink, blue, orange and all the colors in between. While Juliette, one of their newest releases covers the nail in a texture rose gold flake that is the perfect middle ground between in your face sparkle and understated color.


cameo-7f32Photo Credit: Cameo by ILNP


juliette-6cc1Photo Credit: Juliette by ILNP


For something a little more understated and slightly upscale, Cirque Colors made their name with holographic polishes in deep and pastel shades perfect for someone who wants something unique but “work appropriate.”  The New York based brand took the trends and the creative energy of New York City and translated them into beautiful and unique colors that are now available to customers worldwide. For a Cirque classic check out Never Nude, a holographic nude shade that reflects the rainbow with every flick of your finger. If you’re after something truly luxurious, check out AU the 23 karat gold flake top coat that can take any classic creme polish from a plain manicure to a holiday special in an instant.


product_never_nude__74586.1413001152.1280.1280Photo Credit: Never Nude by Cirque Colors


product_au__97586.1413001888.386.513Photo Credit: AU by Cirque Colors


To channel all the fun the Holidays have to offer, look to a brand like KB Shimmer. Known best for their fun and extensive collection of glitter shades, over the years the brand has made a name for themselves with their variety of finishes and overall polish quality. Whether it’s celebrating in the Fall or Winter, a family get together or a good old fashioned festive bash, a good red nail is never a bad idea. The shade Chilly Pepper is a beautiful semi-translucent (sometimes referred to as a “crelly”) blue-based red shade. Wear is alone or layer it with a glitter topcoat like Sand in my Stocking for a festive manicure you can count on.

IMG_20151012_135855-310x3101Photo Credit: Chilly Pepper by KB Shimmer


IMG_20140202_202212-310x3101Photo Credit: Sand in my Stocking by KB Shimmer


Whether you go with a classic, a holographic nude or, the ultimate in celebration, real gold– there are so many great brands and shades to choose from this Holiday season. What will you wear?

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