Whoever came up with the idea that makeup could coexist in the same tube as high quality skincare ingredients should probably get a medal. As beauty technology improves, we have more options available for products that do double duty.

The best and most welcome results will come from great hybrid base products that live on your skin all day long.

No brand knows this better than Perricone MD. Dr. Perricone is a world renown dermatologist known for developing some of the most innovative skincare in recent years. As a cherry on top of their skincare collection in 2014, the brand branched out into color with their “No Makeup Makeup” range of goods.

When it comes to hybrid products, hydrating foundations and tinted moisturizers have been plagued for years with problems like being too greasy or not offering enough in the way of coverage.  Perricone’s offering is a whipped tinted base with a whisper of coverage, a host of anti-aging ingredients, and SPF 30 to boot. If you can nail down a shade that matches your skin tone, the No Foundation Foundation is a great place to start.



Photo Credit: Perricone MD


In addition to the full face base, you can’t forget about the eyes. Some of the most delicate and abused skin on the face, the area around the eyes, can use all the TLC it can get… especially as we start to get older. Enter First Aid Beauty’s Eye Duty Triple Remedy: A small tube of under eye serum applied with a stainless steel tip that instantly cools depuffs and brightens. Packed with all kinds of light reflecting pigments, it mimics the cool and hydrating feeling on the skin by adding a well rested layer of light coverage under the eyes.



Photo Credit: First Aid Beauty


Once you have all of your base applied, the final step in your skincare as makeup trio is a good setting mist. This step can take down any powdery residue and lock in your makeup for hours of wear. Over the last few months, brands have been branching out into setting mists packed with SPF to add an extra layer of protection that can be easily topped up throughout the day. Supergoop, a longstanding heavy-weight in suncare products offers their Defense Refresh Setting Mist in an SPF 50, and while it’s not quite a full enough layer to be your only sunscreen, it’s a great additional step to make sure you’re protected all day long.


s1705151-main-hero-300Photo Credit: Supergoop


If you have yet to delve into the world of skincare and color cosmetic hybrids, you’re really missing out. Your makeup routine and your skin will thank you for it.

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