When it comes to haircare, products matter. The market is saturated with new and exciting looking products every day, and it can seem as though there is a product to satisfy every possible need.  It’s unnecessary to use fifty different steps in your haircare routine to achieve the desired results; however, it’s important you are using the right products.  There are endless brands to choose from, from complete haircare systems to even single products that claim miraculous results from a bottle.  As a veteran hairdresser I’ve used them all, and as a practical woman I feel less is more.  It does not take an army of products to get dream hair.  Dreamy hair is achieved by a stylist that understands you, and appropriate products that support you.  


imagePhoto Credit: Hairstory Studio


That’s where Hairstory Studio comes into play.  Bumble and Bumble veterans and hair gurus Michael Gordon, Wes Sharpton and Roxie Darling have started their own creative studio in downtown NYC, a place where they can collaborate on ideas, take photos, and design products. According to their website, Hairstory Studio has been described as “The Warhol Factory of Hair“. In this innovative space, New Wash was created. New Wash is, as the title suggests, a new way to wash the hair. Shampoos, all of them, are simply detergents. Even the ones that claim to be sulfate free, phosphate free, etc. are still filled with detergents and cleansers that strip and damage the hair.  

The team at Hairstory Studio approached me about a month ago and presented me with New Wash. I was excited and thought it was cool, but I thought… “wheres the conditioner”?  Alas…there is no conditioner! I assumed these stylists were bananas but decided to give it a whirl. New Wash cleanses your hair and scalp without detergents, instead using essential oils. It works on every single hair type. The basis of this technology is simple: if you aren’t stripping your hair with harsh detergents in the cleansing process, you no longer have to coat it down with conditioner to heal it. With thick, coarse, waist skimming locks, I was beyond skeptical, but also curious. I’ve now been using New Wash for about a month and my hair has never been better! My hair smells good, looks fabulous, and feels heavenly. An added bonus, I can strangely go longer in between washes.  

As a busy, modern woman in NYC I don’t have the time, space, or energy for “too much.” Having only one single and stylish bottle of haircare in my shower is delightful. One less step in the beauty routine is divine! These creative experts are changing the game with their simple, inventive brand, and they have even added on some new products to the line to pair with the wash. I love Hair Balm, a moisturizing balm that helps improve the hair’s natural texture. The stylists suggest finger-combing the balm through your wet hair, then let it air dry and “do its thing.”


700-700 hairbalm box bottlePhoto Credit: Hairstory Studio


To read more about the people behind Hairstory Studio and to shop their products, visit hairstorystudio.com



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