We all know that cinnamon, with its distinct aroma, can enhance the taste of certain foods, especially when sprinkled on pastries, fruits and drinks. However, besides being tasty, cinnamon has many health and beauty benefits, and enough reason to incorporate it into your diet and beauty regimen every day.

The cinnamon plant comes from  Sri Lanka, and the spice can be extracted from its bark and twigs. There are two main varieties of this plant: one from China and one from Ceylon, which is the more precious and delicate of the two. Ancient Egyptians lauded the benefits of the spice, and it has long been a staple of Chinese medicine, but cinnamon didn’t appear in the Occident until the Middle Ages.


Cinnamon  and Vin Brulè – Photo Credit: Enjoy Food Wine


Cinnamon: An ally of good health

Medical studies have found that cinnamon is full of active ingredients that are useful for the prevention and treatment of many major diseases. For example, it controls the glucose level in the blood for patients with type 2 diabetes, it can help prevent Alzheimer’s disease and protect against colon cancer. 

Cinnamon is one of the best remedies against seasonal ailments. It strengthens the immune system and, thanks to its anti-bacterial and disinfectant qualities, it’s useful against colds, sore throats and intestinal infections.

It also supports healthy gums and can reduce mouth inflammation. It has antiparasitic and antifugal qualities, and it can be useful in case of candidiasis. For the ladies, it’s also a good friend during our time of the month: It soothes cramps and abdominal pain, and can also help combat depression. Add powdered cinnamon to hot tea during this time for a soothing remedy. 


Honey, ginger, orange, cinnamon, Photo Credit: Honeyland


Cinnamon for the face, hair and body

Cinnamon reduces abdominal bloating, and aids in achieving a flat stomach. It stimulates the metabolism, helping you to lose weight, which is why you should incorporate this ingredient into your breakfast, perhaps in your coffee or in your yogurt. Its oil, used for relaxing baths, is also refreshing and invigorating. Cinnamon is a powerful antioxidant, an anti-aging tool that gives your skin amazing results, because it increases progesterone and aids in female fertility.

Together with honey, it’s a true elixir of beauty that you can taste, or use on your skin.

The cinnamon oil stimulates the superficial circulation, and is used in anti-cellulite massages. Its aphrodisiac quality can also make this ingredient a perfect added element for intimate and sexy massages. There are many cosmetic products made with cinnamon on the market, but you can easily make your own products at home.


Photo Credit: Storify


Beauty mask for oily skin: Mix one teaspoon of cinnamon powder, organic if possible, with three tablespoon of honey. Apply on your face, especially on the T-zone, and leave it for about fifteen minutes, then rinse off with warm water.

Beauty mask for your hair: Mix one tablespoon of ground cinnamon with one tablespoon olive oil and one tablespoon honey, and add one egg yolk. Roll up your hair with plastic wrap, leave it on for about half an hour, then proceed with normal shampoo.

In fact, cinnamon is a natural exfoliant for the scalp that stimulates blood circulation and helps the hair grow. It’s a perfect remedy for hair breakage during the autumn and cold months.

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