Move over magazines, the bloggers have officially taken over. The blogging world is nothing new to the fashion industry, for the past couple of years now companies and brands have been using personal and lifestyle bloggers for brand leverage. However, in recent years bloggers are even starting to become household names. As newer social media platforms have taken off, such as Snapchat and Instagram, bloggers and brands have worked out a way to seamlessly blend all of these components for creative brand promotion. A blogger’s influence can bring in audiences that companies otherwise couldn’t solicit to create buzz and bring attention to new campaigns and releases of new products. 

Some bloggers began as personal stylists, TV hosts, or other professions in the field, and others simply caught audience’s attention by using their platform as a type of online diary as a way of personal venting. Either way, there is now quite an intricate job description for a high-reach blogger. It’s important for them to strategize natural product placement, with a harmonious integration of social endorsements, while hosting many events and giveaways, to even starting their own brand and line of products. Seeing as thousands of beauty, lifestyle, fashion, and travel bloggers enter this field each year, it was tough to narrow down, but below is a list of five of 2015’s top fashion and lifestyle bloggers to be following. 


  1. Aimee Song,

Aimee Song is an interior designer and fashion blogger who is a Los Angeles native. Aimee blends clean, tailored pieces with her Californian influence. She is currently at an impressive 2.8 million followers on Instagram, and holds one of the highest monthly page views, making her one of the most influential bloggers of this year. 


Photo Credit: Song of Style


2. Julie Sarinana,

Julie Sarinana founded her blog in February of 2009 originally as an outlet to express her style and inspirations, but she now reaches almost 3 million followers a day. With a very cool and calm aesthetic, enhanced with pictures and chronicles of her extensive travels, Jules encapsulates a simple but very inspiring look. This is seen through her line of basic tees that she makes not-so-basic with her own added life mottos to them. Besides writing for her own blog, she has contributed to other editorials such as Glamour, Elle, and Teen Vogue. 


Photo Credit: Sincerely Jules


3. Chriselle Lim,

Chriselle Lim started her fashion career off as a wardrobe stylist, but is now the #1 fashion expert on all of Youtube with 444k subscribers. Chriselle aims to encourage, educate, and inspire women from all over the world. Since founding her blog The Chriselle Factor in 2011, Chriselle has logged a huge portfolio of editorial shoots with prominent fashion books and celebrities. 


Photo Credit: The Chriselle Factor


4.  Krystin Lee-

Krystin Lee started Suburban Faux Pas as a platform to prove that regardless of one’s postal code, style can prevail. Her posts blend the styles of city slickers and suburban stylists alike. She works as a social media strategist in an agency located just outside of Toronto when not blogging. Her style is a chic mix of bright prints and patterns matched with a feminine aesthetic, along with embellished, beautiful and fun statement jewelry. This is what keeps her followers coming back to her blog, and makes her a blogger to keep an eye on. 


 Photo Credit: Suburban Faux Pas


5. Annabelle Fleur-

Annabelle Fleur always had a long time dream of starting a fashion blog, and finally did so after working with a Hollywood designer named Elisa Ferare. Annabelle lives, breathes, and dreams fashion. She hopes her blog reaches people who share her obsession with all things fashionable and who dare to dream just like her. So far, it has reached over 275k followers on Instagram and counting. Annabelle’s style is pure elegance with a mix of cool edginess- paired with feminine embellishments, she creates the perfect balance of effortless chic. Not to mention, the photos on her blog are detailed and beautiful.


 Photo Credit: The Viva Luxury

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