It can be difficult to keep up with our hair. The way to care for it changes with the seasons, and sometimes hair health and color can be held captive to the elements. However, it is possible to have shiny hair and rich natural color throughout the year. Healthy and shiny hair looks beautiful when its lightened with added dimensions of color, like after a summer of sun and sea. In the past, there were only terms like lowlights and highlights to describe how we wanted to color our hair. That vocabulary for these styles is now outdated. Now we talk about: shatush, balayage, ombre, bronde, splashlight, babylights, ecaille.


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Your hairdresser will be able to customize the right effect of light and color that matches your natural base, skin tone and face shape. Different haircare companies offer kits for do-it-yourself at home color; you can find several tutorial videos online to guide you. However, unless you are going for simple highlights or an all over color, it’s better to put your color in the hands of an expert, a colorist, to obtain the best result and not ruin your hair. 

Do it yourself or call the hairdesser?

Something all lightening techniques have in common is that they begin somewhat down the length of the hair. Unless you are going for one all-over base color, the colorist will not highlight your scalp. This way, as your hair grows out your roots are not obvious, and maintenance does not require a monthly retouching of color. This is why it’s worth spending a little more and consulting with a salon hairstylist.


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Find inspiration for your new hairstyle

As always, fashion shows and celebrity photos dictate the look of the latest must-have, even when it comes to hair. A simple brown base is the best for all these color techniques, especially when added on shades like honey, amber, gold and sand. For darker shades, caramel or ginger give an excellent result on a bases such as a mocha-chocolate. An added red shade lends a refined color of mahogany and currant. Those interested in a blonde highlights should look for something subtle and nuanced, such as amber or gold.

Keeping on top of the ever-evolving color trends 

Several short years ago, the shatush technique was invented by Italian celebrity hairdresser, Aldo Coppola. This technique created revolutionary new lightening effects, not involving the use of foil, for beautiful and natural results. It consists of lightening the length of the hair from two to four tones, by to backcombing the hair before using the lightening product. The result is a dark to light gradient of color from mid hair to the tips. Shatush, now out of style, has been replaced by many new coloration innovations.

Ombre hair is suitable for those with very long hair, and focuses mainly on the tips.

Balayage is a technique that gives a lighter look to the entire head of hair, thanks to the handpainted color of a few strands, creating a sharp but delicate contrast. The Californian balayage creates that sun-kissed hair result. It also goes well with most haircuts and styles.

The splashlight look creates a band of light at the haircrown mark from ear to ear, mostly suitable for short cuts.

Bronde is a tone between mocha brown and honey blonde, brilliant and multifaceted and involving all the hair. It will be trendy even during the 2015 – 2016 fall – winter season.


giselle bundenchenPhoto Credit; Gisele Bündchen, hairadvisor

The latest trends are all about babylights and ecaille. The first is a variant of degradée: very thin strands are brightened for a delicate result, like naturally golden children’s hair. The ecaille, however, gives a tortoiseshell effect and it’s more sophisticated. A cross between shatush and balayage, you get broad brushstrokes of color, creating a contrast that finally merges into a harmonious and naturally blended hue.


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