When you wear an article of clothing as much as you wear a winter coat, it is perfectly reasonable to want it to be fashionable. The only problem is, fashionable doesn’t always mean warm. There is an art to striking the balance between a coat that looks good, but also keeps you cozy in the whipping winter winds.

Now, there are some kinds of cold that you just can’t look good in, and those are the days where you bust out the sleeping bag coat and the earmuffs and tough it out. There are those rare few winter days though, when you can put on a sassy and stylish coat, a luxe scarf, some trendy boots and make wintertime look great. 

A nice and sturdy classic leather jacket is always a great idea. Something meant to be oversized that you can layer underneath is ideal, and if you can find it with a soft cushy lining, even better.


IMG_3878_1024x1024Photo Credit: Understated Leather


The “Staple Jacket” from Understated Leather is the perfect example of a classic, heavy weight, oversized leather jacket that can carry you well into winter. Pair this with a blanket scarf and some classic buffalo plaid for a truly badass way to stay warm.

There is also the more ladylike route, and for that J.Crew can more or less do no wrong. The best part about their outerwear selection is that they come in a range of basic neutral colors. but also in great modern statement colors that will brighten up any short winter day.


49622_PK5502Photo Credit: J.Crew


The Lady Day Coat is lined with Thinsulate (R)  which is a leading fabrication used to add warmth without adding bulk. This is the perfect coat paired with something a little more dressed up for work or an event that will still keep you toasty.

Finally, there is something for those among us who like something that looks (and is) utilitarian but still chic. Something maybe a little bit uniform inspired that still feels fresh, and features modern details with a nice cozy inside to make the outdoors feel less like work.


RYAN-ARMY-COAT-08Photo Credit: Emerson Fry


Emerson Fry offers a great selection of super cool minimalist coats, but their Ryan Army Jacket is equal parts uniform and urban warrior with a felted wool body to protect you from the elements and make sure you don’t catch cold.

With a little research and a little investment, it isn’t too big a challenge to find some great styles of outerwear that will not let you down when the winter winds come calling.

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