If you have a whole day or a weekend off, a limited budget and you love traveling, Veneto is the right choice. Better yet, choose Verona, a city known from Shakespeare’s tragedy Romeo and Juliet.

A lesser known fact about Verona is that it’s a site of UNESCO world heritage, thanks to its architecture and city planning.

The wonderful city of Verona offers a lot of sightseeing, and for the best value for money, you can buy a Veronacard, an inclusive ticket that allows free entrances and discounts to see the most important monuments and attractions of the city, and allows you to take public transportation for free. It costs 18 € for 24 hours and 22 € for 48 hours.



With the card you have free access to:

  • Arena of Verona;
  • Juliet’s house and balcony;
  • Juliet’s gravesite;
  • Santa Anastasia Basilica, San Zeno Basilica, San Fermo Church;
  • International Center of Photography;
  • Dome of Verona;
  • Modern Art Gallery;
  • Castelvecchio Museum, Museum of Radio, Lapidario Maffeiano Museum and Natural History Museum;
  • Roman Theatre;
  • Lamberti Tower;
  • Arche Scaligere

Verona is easy accessibly by foot, so if it’s sunny, you can enjoy the atmosphere and stop by shops and cafes along your path.


mappa_veronaPhoto Credit: Veja

If you come from Porta Nuova station, it’s a short walk to the downtown area. In a few short minutes you enter Piazza Bra, situated just outside the city center, where you can visit the Arena and grab a drink here while you admire the breathtaking view.


Photo Credit: Burlaki on the Hudson

Your stroll will bring you to Piazza delle Erbe, the ancient square of Verona, where you will admire the Madonna Verona Fountain, City Hall and Lamberti Tower.


Verona Piazza delle Erbe. Photo Credit: Walksofitaly

Cross Castelvecchio or Scalingero bridge and you’ll see the Adige river. During the spring or summer, you might see brides and grooms taking pictures on the bridge on their wedding day.


Ponte di Castelvecchio. Photo Credit: Villabongiovanni

Juliet’s house is not far from here and it’s a must-see. You can look out the famous lovers’ balcony, send a letter to Juliet’s nurses and admire the copies of the original clothes and furniture.


La Casa di Giulietta. Photo Credit: Turism – Verona

Finally, if you want to go shopping the best place is Via Mazzini, between Piazza Bra and Piazza delle Erbe, where you can find all the most famous shops.


Via Mazzini. Photo Credit: Flickr

Verona is the perfect city to spend a day visiting its sights and wonders.

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