In today’s culture, terminal uniqueness is often the human condition and Halloween could be considered the ultimate competition for creative superiority. With Halloween right around the corner you may be asking yourself, “What should I be?”  or, “Is it even worth it to dress up?“. Lets be honest, it takes a lot of energy to curate the perfect costume, and many of us don’t have that kind of time.  On the other hand, it’s a fun holiday, there are great events going on, and getting cute in character is a nice reprieve from the everyday that should not be passed up!  

Simple and sexy costumes are as easy as one, two, three. The majority of the time you can take something from your own wardrobe, add the appropriate accessories, and voila! Costume party here we come.  Classic costumes may seem obvious or boring, but in fact it’s quite the opposite.  Witches, vampires, black cats, skeletons, and ghosts are the quintessential characters of All Hallows Eve, and just like a classic black Chanel bag…they will never go out of style.  There’s also something confident and intriguing about the girl who dresses in a classic costume, because its straight to the point and gets the job done.  

For a witch, vampire or black cat, simply gather your favorite black dress or black ensemble in general. Then, you will want to purchase any obvious accents: hat, ears, tail, teeth, broom or anything else that will define your character. For a skeleton costume you can hit any party store and buy the universal Skeleton onesie, or perhaps you could wear skeleton tights and a mask accompanied by that favorite little black dress of yours.  If you choose to get ghostly, wear all white-dress, stockings, shoes, everything and just top off with your desired ghost make-up.  The important thing here is that your personal clothing is fabulous, like your favorite black dress or those incredible pumps you don’t get to wear enough. 

Candy Apple Costumes has a simple way to turn a chic black dress into a spooky skeleton costume:


adult-black-skeleton-bone-tights-13Photo Credit: Candy Apple Costumes 

To look like a cute kitty with minimal effort, Modcloth has the answer:


cat ears
Photo Credit: Mod Cloth

For a glamorous take on a classic ghost, check out these pumps from Ashbury Skies:


zombie_peep_show-purgatory-bone-creativePhoto Credit: Ashbury Skies

Now that you have your costume in order, you can focus on the beauty aspect.  It’s important to top off these looks with great hair, makeup, and nails. Since this night is notorious for tricks and treats feel free to take it to the next level. Extend the wing tip on your cat eye, add a bold bright lip (see our new fav brand for wild lipstick, Winky Lux), style your hair in a way that makes you feel hot. Maybe you want to wear a sleek bun with those kitty ears. You could be a witch with bouncy curls or even loose braids. Paint your nails blood red or black. The hair, make-up and nails are what finishes off the costume and take you from extra to extraordinary!  

If you’re feeling really bold, Violent Lips has some outrageous temporary makeup tattoos:


VLIPS_MOCK_GRAPECRUSH_mediumPhoto Credit: Violent Lips 

Or, if you are feeling really creative, try out a cute Halloween themed manicure:


671fec46cbe229046699ac223b57a901Photo Credit: Nails Mag

Classic costumes are simple to acquire and sexy to the eye. While most people are racking their brains to showcase their clever costume creativity, or spending hundreds of dollars emulating this year’s pop culture icon, it’s almost more original to keep it classic. It’s also nice to be wearing your own clothes to avoid any potential discomfort or wardrobe malfunctions, which are pretty much a given when dressed elaborately.  So for a happening Halloween, we say glamorous with a touch of ghoulish is the way to go.

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