It’s 2015 and we look at our phones more than each other. As people say, “there’s an app for everything”, so it’s only logical that we could find our next boyfriend, casual hook up, or new person to friend zone inside our iPhones.

Dating sites aren’t new. From to OK Cupid, these sites have been around for a while and people rely on them to find company, and maybe even “the one”. But dating apps such as Hinge, Bumble, and Happn, take these online rendezvous a step further connecting people through 2nd and 3rd degree friends, and even by following the path you take to work to find people you’ve crossed paths with.

We’ve all had our fair share of bad dates, our smaller share of good ones, and definitely collected a few funny stories to tell. I spoke to some fellow New Yorkers about their experiences using Hinge, Bumble, and Happn. 

Hinge – Tinder’s classier sister


10501889_689917484411342_4464359529444099760_nPhoto Credit: Hinge

This app connects you to people through “the friends you trust”. It pairs you off with friends of friends by using your Facebook account. It makes you remember what a small world it really is- when your brother comes up on the app.

Kelly, a veteran of the dating scene, said she was talking to a guy on Hinge who seemed pretty nice and normal. He didn’t have many pictures up, or a lot of info on his profile, but he seemed fine. After some casual chatting (and witty remarks exchanged), they decided on a tentative date. As they kept up the conversation, he kept mentioning to Kelly that he “wanted to impress her” and eventually she was intrigued and joked, “oh like performing gymnastics or something?” He replied, “No, I’d like to do a strip tease for you and maybe even let you direct if you want”. Completely thrown off, she told him she was more of a beer and chat kind of girl.

That was the end of that…and thankfully she never heard from him again. She would have taken a rhythmic gymnast over that response any day.

Bumble – Where women’s voices matter


imgresPhoto Credit: Bumble

Here, the conversation only begins if the female initiates. Once a match is made, the girl has 24 hours to write to her suitor before the connection expires (though if he really likes you, he can extend another 24 hours on one lucky lady a day).

Kara, a NYC elementary school teacher, met a cute guy on Bumble who asked her out for drinks fairly quickly. They had a ton in common, as well as mutual friends, so they set a date a few weeks in the future. The date got postponed a few times but when it finally came around they had a really fun evening. As they chatted, a mutual connection- Kara’s close friend- kept coming up in conversation, as they lived in the same neighborhood. Kara and Bumble boy really clicked and set another date. Kara texted her friend to tell her that she met Bumble Boy and that he was pretty great. Turns out that he and the friend “knew each other” because they were dating, and she thought she had been exclusive with him…until that phone call. 

Sounds like the Murray Hill crowd is getting to know each other well!

Happn – Mixing things up


637379_138x138Photo Credit: Happn

Unlike that stalker ex-boyfriend you’ve been hoping to shake off, you willingly give your whereabouts to Happn. You could be walking past your true love and not even know it: but now you can! Happn traces your steps, along with other users, and only if you cross paths do you appear on their screen for the option to swipe left or right.

June, a newly turned 25 year old, met a cute guy she met with on Happn out for drinks. He showed up drunk and made friends with the 12 guys sitting next to them, by sending them a round of fireball shots as a thank you for picking up his phone that he dropped (generous right?).  Though a little sloppy, he was super cute, and June followed him back to his apartment to check out the romantic rooftop view. Smooth move, except he fell asleep while taking in the skyline.

The next morning she was met with an excessive amount of apology texts – and they worked! They are still seeing each other today.

The dating scene is not an easy one to enter, and we can definitely relate to these stories. Blind dates might be awkward, and can be a hit or miss – but it’s worth it when you find the person who’s right for you. Give it a try and you might surprise yourself – your perfect match might be right around the corner.


holding-hands-young-couplePhoto Credit: The Digest Online

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