Fall is in full swing: the air is getting crisper, days become shorter, nights become longer, and we are getting ready for hibernation by putting on our fuzzy socks and downloading all of our favorite Halloween themed movies. Well, we in the US, that is. Halloween is one of the most popular holidays in America meriting grand costume parties, huge parades and thousands of kids trick or treating for some sweet, sweet, candy.

However, here at StyleBlend our audience spans across an ocean. So how will our Italian counterparts be celebrating Halloween? These days Halloween has become very popular in Italy, especially with the younger generations. Some feel it’s even more popular than Italy’s very own Carnevale celebration. 

When we take a look at the origins of this spooky holiday, it appears to be adapted by American culture through TV series, movies, and basically other imported pop culture such as Hocus Pocus, ET, Halloween Town, etc. However, Halloween is actually of European decent. Many suggest that it comes from the Ancient Roman Parentalia festival of the dead, a day to remember loved ones who have died. America morphed Halloween into what we think of it nowadays: Commercialized, and a good reason to party… some might say. On the contrary, Europe has held onto the more spiritual roots of the holiday by celebrating it with All Saints and All Souls Day on November 1st and 2nd each year. So while you may not see many trick-or-treaters or lit up jack-o-lanterns on the streets of Italy, in larger cities such as Florence or Rome there are many people bar hopping and clubs hosting festive, sweets-filled Halloween nights.

So how will you be spending your Halloween this year? Below are three of the best places to be for this holiday both Stateside and in Italy.

Halloween in the US:

  1. Village Halloween Parade- New York City


Photo Credit: Zimbio

This huge mile-long parade is so big that it shuts down all of lower Manhattan. People go all out and show up with homemade costumes, and the public can even join in on the march.


IST-IS2176RM-00000028-001Photo Credit: Fun107 

      2. Witch House- Salem, Massachusetts. 

Engrained in American history is the famous Salem witch trials. Salem attracts an influx of over 500,000 visitors just in the month of October. It’s an opportune place to interact with psychics, mediums, crystal balls, and more.

     3. Halloween in New Orleans


2013-10-26-lg_nocvbhw281-thumbPhoto Credit: Huffington Post

The Big Easy is known for going all out for this holiday, after all, it’s known for being “The Most Haunted City in America“. Go on a guided haunted tour, or partying in the Faubourg Marigny neighborhood.


Halloween in Italy:

  1. The Venice Masquerade Ball


Bespoke-Womens-Masked-Ball-MasksPhoto Credit: Masque Boutique 

This is THE place to be on Halloween weekend. With Marques Watt and Stackhouse providing the music and tarot readings, live body painting and a potion bar, it looks like they are hoping to put on a party to remember this year. However, it is attended by Italy’s elite and you need a private invite, so good luck getting in!

    2. Micca Club in Rome


miccaPhoto Credit: Roma Eventi 

Last year, this is where the bohemian 20’s were alive with music, dance and “death“. There was live Burlesque, super fun music, and other strange happenings. Costumes were a must, and many people dressed up as flappers, dead duchesses, and other spooky getups.

3. Monsterland in Milan


feste-a-milano-monsterlandPhoto Credit: Feste a Milano 

This is another location for a night of crazy dancing in fun dress up costumes, with a range of DJs playing electro house, deep house, techno and 90’s music. Last year’s aesthetic of Zombie circus style was a hit, with partygoers sweating their frightening faces off. 

Tell us who YOU think will throw the best party this year! 

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