If Marty and Doc landed in the future today, October 21 2015, in reality and not in the fiction of their cult-classic movie, they would find out that the legacy of their adventures is more alive than ever. It’s been thirty years since the release of “Back to the Future,” first movie of the saga directed by Robert Zemeckis, starring Michael J. Fox. 

The legend of “Back to the Future” has transcended languages and generations. Thirty years have passed since the first movie, and twenty five since the final chapter, but the characters – Marty, the easygoing teenager searching for his place in the world, and Doc, the wildly irresistible and twisted scientist –  still live on in the minds of science fiction fans and moviegoers alike.

In the second chapter of “Back to the Future,” Marty and Doc, along with their DeLorean, embark on a journey that brings them straight to October 21 2015 to save Marty Jr. (future son of Marty) from jail. This date became “sacred” to geeks all over the world, always pausing to remember and celebrate Marty and Doc’s journey from “their” time to “our” future on the day.


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Being a part of the celebrations and legendary adventures of Marty and Doc is simple, surely simpler than building a DeLorean with a fusion generator! To start, you can go into one of the many cinemas all around the world, from USA to Great Britain and Italy, that have joined the “world gathering” to honor this cult film. The first two parts of the trilogy will be presented to the public with some new content.


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Universal Pictures Home Entertainment celebrates the 30th Anniversary and the arrival of October 21 2015 with three new releases: “Back to the Future 30th Anniversary Trilogy” (available on Blu-ray & DVD), which will include all three movies plus a new bonus disc with two extra hours of content; “Back to the Future: The Complete Animated Series,” for the first time ever on DVD featuring all 26 episodes from the award-winning series; and “Back to the Future: The Complete Adventures” featuring all three movies, the complete animated series, a new bonus disc and a 52 page book.


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Music plays an important role in the trilogy, and now thanks to Mondo, for the first time the original soundtrack of all three parts will be released together and as a vinyl with flaming covers, designed by Matt Taylor. A touch of vintage that will delight hipster fans.

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If all of this is not enough to make you scream “Great Scott!”, know that the most creative minds in the world have followed the movie’s insights to set about making them a reality. Do you remember the floating skateboard used by Marty? Lexus, one of the most famous automakers in the world, has created Slide, a magnetically levitating skateboard. According to the video with the famous pro skater Ross McGouran, Slide works just like the original, thought it’s not on the market yet.

Another invention inspired by the movie is Marty’s “self-lacing” shoes. In 2011, Nike launched limited edition self-lacing shoes with “power laces.” In 2015, the Eugene, Oregon based brand said that they are working on a model to be put on the market for a consumer audience.


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Thirty years after its in theaters, something that still fascinates fans of “Back to the Future” are the predictions of the evolution of times and technology. Toyota filmed the two trilogy’s stars, Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox, sitting down for a discussion about which insights of the movie turned out to be accurate and which didn’t.

And what if Marty and Doc would arrive today, in our reality? Every true fan has asked himself this question at least once. College Humor tried to speculate about how it would’ve gone down. Between fear of flying caused by terrorist attacks, and masses of people parading around in ugly Crocs, we just have to agree with Marty:

“Doc, this future seems pretty terrible”.


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