If you are (un)fortunate enough to live in a place where the weather gets cold for a few months every year your skin care, just like your wardrobe, has to adapt.

With just a few simple products you can up your hydration levels and add soothing ingredients to your routine that will help guard against winter flaking, dryness and irritation.

The easiest swap out may be somewhat unexpected. Changing out a classic foaming or soapy cleanser in favor of a cleansing oil or balm is a great way to go easy on your skin when it’s facing the hard winter conditions all day long. Apply your cleansing oil to dry skin to break down dirt, oil and, makeup and rinse it away to reveal clean but nourished skin. You can make this switch both morning and night without interfering with your normal daily routine, unlike some other super hydrating products on the market.

The Elizabeth Dehn for One Love Organics line has a great selection of nourishing products and their cleansing oil has been a best seller. With a sunflower seed oil base this cleanser doubles as a makeup remover and leaves the skin feeling soft, hydrated and not stripped.

lores_VitB_largePhoto Credit: One Love Organics

Another great tactic for amp-ing up your fall and winter skincare is supplementing with a facial oil. You can either replace your regular moisturizer with an oil, or add it into your existing routine to get extra nourishment out of your products. This is a step best reserved for nighttime, as it can leave your skin looking extra slick, and your skin benefits most from hyper hydrating products overnight while you sleep and it’s repairing itself.

Fig and Yarrow is another really lovely, naturally-inclined skincare brand. Their Facial Serum has a beautiful blend of rose hip, argan and, evening primrose oil to really soothe the skin. It features a whole host of oils not only well-known for their hydration ability, but also for their regenerating and calming properties, which is the best thing for winter-whipped skin.

Facial_Serum_largePhoto Credit: Fig + Yarrow

The most vulnerable to the elements and the most often neglected part of your skin are the lips. They have some of the thinnest skin on the whole body, and deserve a lot of TLC when the weather goes to extremes. Having a good lip balm to really layer up, especially before bed, is one of the nicest things to treat your skin to in the cold.

Herbivore Bontanicals is a long standing natural skincare brand out of the pacific northwest, and their newly released Coco Rose Lip Conditioner is one of the prettiest new launches to come along all year. Packed with coconut oil and Bulgarian rose, it will make your pout look brand new by morning.

CRlip-3Photo Credit: Herbivore Botanicals

Winter is coming one way or another. Will your skin be ready?

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