If you’re a free spirit, a wild child who dances to her own beat, your baubles must match your big personality. Yes, there are times for “less is more,” as mandated by Coco Chanel. But there are also times to go over the top with fabulously wild statement pieces. Giant, ethnic arm cuffs. Big, bold necklaces. Feathers and crystals. Here are five brands you absolutely, and we mean absolutely, must check out. Browse for your free-spirited goddess self or your untamed vixen BFF.

Besides, ’tis not too soon to start holiday shopping.

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A Persian meets a Californian. What happens? Pure alchemy. Magic. Goldbarr! This gorgeous brand is based in Southern California and made up of a group of free-spirited world travelers who love to “shop vintage, hit the beach and soak up the sun in the California desert.” Get shimmered with gold via soulful and mystical pieces with names such as Spirit of the Sky Collar Necklace (see below) or Soul Wanderer Moonstone Ring. Whether chokers, necklaces, earrings or else, every item is a unique dream.

new-pro-98Photo Credit: Goldbarr

Child of Wild

Child of Wild takes its stylistic cues from cultures and art around the globe to create jewelry that nurtures the soul and celebrates the source it was inspired by in a sustainable manner. They donate to The Fund for Global Human Rights and the Native American Education Foundation. Collections range from Native American to the Middle east, Southern Asia and beyond. There are head dresses fit for a tribal queen, chokers for spirit warriors, storm weaver rings, Afghani flower necklaces, gypsy anklets and more. Their breadth boggles the mind.

dd-6Photo Credit: Child of Wild

Catori Life

Catori Life is a brand for soulful seekers and earth spirits. The word means “Spirit” in Hopi and their products are indeed full of spirit. The people at Catori Life want to promote harmony and passion, global healing and nurturing of the earth. Their collections and jewelry is positively magical. Check out the Oceana Feather Ear Cuff.

feather-ear-cuffPhoto Credit: Catori Life

Desert Wanderer

The name says it all. These pieces are for restless spirits who are ready to explore the whole wide world. Wanderers and worldly women will love their Native American-inspired rings, and Mandala necklaces. Desert Wanderer is “created on the Gold Coast for the global soul.”

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Screen shot 2015-10-08 at 10.59.00 AMPhoto Credit: Desert Wanderer

Jupiter Lala

Jupiter Lala in New Orleans takes jewelry very personally, as one should. She’s said: “Jewelry is something we wear, so it’s close to our skin; it’s close to our hearts.” Each handcrafted piece made by trained gemologist Megan Victoria tells a story. She makes gorgeous earrings (our favorites are “Rainfall” or “Zelda’s”), rings with little foxes, birds and snakes, but what we love most are her magical necklaces. It’s a tough choice between the “Golden Pegasus” and the “She is full with the entire Sky.” Check out her site. The pretty pieces sell out fast!

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Screen shot 2015-10-08 at 11.25.37 AMPhoto Credit: Jupiter Lala

Electric Love Company

Are you a vintage vixen? Then the Electric Love Company is the place for you. Browse their site often, as their coveted pieces come and go at warp speed. Everything is immaculately curated for you, from fantastic denim to sexy coats, dresses, sweaters and gorgeous vintage jewelry!

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elecric-love-company-ringsPhoto Credit: Electric Love Company

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