Rounding out the top four industry fashion week runway shows, PFW (Paris Fashion Week) continues to be the talk [for a multitude of reasons] among fashion bloggers, columnists, Instagrammers, and small to enormous towns- both internationally, as well as in the US.


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What Styleblend experienced- in the ‘high-heel’ flesh- is NO different! As it is always our niche to bring you not only the best, but the most emerging trends to #blendyourstyle, we witnessed two very different PFW tradeshows: Tranoï Paris Femme and Premiere Classe. The runways are the spectacle, but the trade shows are where many of the buying orders, exhibits, and strong industry-to-industry collaborations [unknowingly] take place.


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What are these two reliable PFW shows?

Tranoï Paris Femme

More than a commercial gathering, Tranoï – which literally means “between us” – is an artistic platform with a stern selection of more than 1000 premium designers from all over the world, created for them to meet the most influential fashion ambassadors. What was SBM eye-catching? We experienced more than 200 young and emerging Italian Fashion Designers at Tranoï this year. But pause. When you think emerging, do not always assume student quality. Many of the lines were very high-end, and impeccably designed. “Bravo!”



Premiere Classe

To meet the different buying needs, Premiere Classe Paris Fashion Week showcases next season’s accessory trends. SBM thought this Paris Fashion Week tradeshow was in a class of its own. Quite interesting to see such dedicated and passionate designers of the accessory category; you know, that very important [sometimes 911 inspo] final touch to all of our wardrobe?! “Boutiques and retailers- grab your order pads and line sheets! PFW fans, follow these highly chosen brands.”



One of the upshots of attending PFW is that we were able to personally scout and select high quality brands, and we plan to make them available on to our readers very soon!

In addition, we could not get over the succulent stench of desire for fashion -in general- while in Paris. There is an unspeakable dress code of wearables even on the streets, giving us inspiration everywhere went. People all dressed up WITH some place to go! Unlike in the States, it was especially appreciated in the areas where the tradeshows and runway take place- such as Le Jardin des Tuileries. Of course there is work and coverage to be had, but there is something quite breathtaking about delivering the anticipated fashion variables to-come {in season’s time}, while nibbling and trotting to the next show.




Lastly, Les Marias: the very trendy [historic] district carried an unprecedented StyleBlend of people. Thinking beyond the show, fleets of reported influencers, bloggers, celebrities, most of the designers and people who work in the fashion industry stay here during the fashion week. In fruitful and whimsical company, Les Marias, Tra Noi, Premiere Classe and beyond…stretched very serious, yet beautiful fashion business.

We await our French return. 

Some of our SBM favs to follow/watch for:

Caban Romantic

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Clan Milano

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