A new line of beauty products has arrived, focused on the most powerful and spicy essence: black pepper. The idea comes from Erbario Toscano, an Italian body care and fragrance company that creates their natural products with the herbs of Tuscany, now famous all over the world due to its high-quality products.

The Black pepper heart perfume is their hottest selling item, though initially designed for men it’s used by women, too. Extensive research stands behind this cult product, the likes of which inspired Erbario Toscano to realize this unique perfume. Black pepper has a deep and intriguing smell, a vaguely masculine scent that attracts both men and women. The line also features other products such as shampoo, shaving cream and hand soap.

immagineErbario1Photo Credit: Erbario Toscano

“Erbario Toscano combines natural elements from Tuscany and realizes unique and high-quality products. Its lines are unconventional and bring inside them every single thing that nature creates in Tuscany: A land you can’t just visit with your eyes but with your heart, the heart that Erbario Toscano uses as ingredient for its exclusive products,” says Aurora Verdianelli, a biologist working for the Italian lab responsible for creating new products and fragrances.

This brand is rising in popularity for its excellence among the made-in-Italy beauty products, and its distinctive character is best represented in the line Elisir d’Olivo. As the name says, the main ingredient is olive. Erbario Toscano own an expanse of olive trees that they harvest in their entirety, using the trunks, the leaves and olives themselves to make their products. The same philosophy is applied to the grapevines used in the line Royal Grape, which features organic products, certified by ICEA.

immagineErbario2Photo Credit: Erbario Toscano

For the lovers of sweet and playful scents, Erbario Toscano has the Spicy Vanilla line. The essence combines the sweet and mild flavor of vanilla with some spicy and hot notes which immediately recall Christmas. 

Finally, with the line Pure Rose, Erbario Toscano offers a mix of three different kinds of rose for an array of soothing products.

Erbario-toscano5Photo Credit: Erbario Toscano

Natural products coming from Tuscany, a land full of light and warmth. This is the true essence of Erbario Toscano.

Erbario-toscano4Photo Credit: Erbario Toscano

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