People are hooked on Instagram for a variety of reasons, but for us it’s all about inspiration. We want to see beauty, yes, but also something clever that gets our mind going whether in art, photography, fashion or travel. We want to feel uplifted and motivated. One cool pic can make our whole day. Therefore, many of the people we follow are not #instafamous celebs, but cool girls who express strength, power and finesse. Keep in mind that these aren’t necessarily fashion bloggers: Some are artists, some are feminists. All are wonderfully, crazily creative. Here are our 6 Instagram Muses worth following. Let us know yours!


Los Angeles-based, French-born beauty Laura Sfez, the creator of the L’Ecole des Femmes label, is gorgeous, incredibly sexy, abrasive, outspoken and full of femme power. She’s a feminist that embraces femininity and beauty as a strength. She’s no role model, she chain smokes and is a total exhibitionist. And her legions of fans cannot get enough of her sultry yet in-your-face-no-BS selfies, erotic posts and fantastic T-shirts and clothes. We love her badass rock ‘n’ roll attitude coupled with an incredibly sharp wit and poetic, soulful mind. It’s a potent mix.




In a world obsessed with porn, this girl celebrates true erotica. The self-described “Analog photographer. Erotic enthusiast. Future in lingerie. Feminist. Disco queen” posts magical, nostalgic pics. Her style is vintage, always tasteful and she’s a dreamer. Her pics sometimes include sweet little thought bubbles such as “My blood runs cold, my angel is a centerfold.” She has a very unique beauty that’s unlike the typical actress face popular right now. Again, we love her because she fêtes female beauty in a sweetly sexy way that oozes inner strength. She belongs to another time!

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The deuxmoi girls are “curators of style…fashion, beauty, life, gorgeous people, inspiration and other cool shit.” They post stuff like a pic of infamous Vogue editor Anna Wintour with a sign saying “I’m great in bed.” Or models eating hot dogs, funny memes, quotes and lots of gorgeous fashion pics. So you get both style inspiration and a good laugh. We like.

Screen shot 2015-09-23 at 12.08.50 PM

Screen shot 2015-09-23 at 12.10.06 PM


Kelley Ash is a gorgeous, unique looking model who takes the art of posing to high art. You never get “oh hi, it’s me in another bikini” but artfully styled, evocative images featuring incredible looks and landscapes. Her style is hippie meets hipster, iconoclast meets individuality. Her IG is playful and whimsical, always creating a mood, a door into another hyper-beautiful reality, whether via a desert sandscape or a a punk rock pose.

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Italian It Girl Chiara Ferragni, the creator of, has a keen eye for art, fashion and photography. She was one of the very first bloggers in 2009, when not everyone and their aunt had a site. Her following is huge, and deservedly so. Her images on IG – where her motto is “Love fiercely” – are gorgeous and varied. Her fashion choices go seamlessly from incredibly elegant to Carrie Bradshaw (“Sex and the City”) wild. Her style range and eye for beauty never ceases to amaze us!

 Chiara Ferragni

Chiara Ferragni


The stunning Ellen Sheidlin is a Russian model and artist, with the emphasis on artist. With her doll-like otherworldly looks she creates a colorful world of fantastical whimsy. She makes us want to create magic and play, kid-like, every day, every minute. Life is a game and Ellen “is able to create the charming world of beauty and strength incorporated with magic actions and fantastic characters. She is a model with a flight of fancy, she can project an image and transform beyond recognition into it.” We love her daily dose of cute, often very strange, utterly unique pics. They’re a treat like a piece of candy. You get a sugar rush and you want more!

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