Nothing has been a bigger skincare trend in 2015 than products with a heavy Korean influence. The onslaught of Korean beauty really began about five years ago when BB Creams took the beauty world by storm and started everyone asking, “What makes Korean skincare so great?”

Peach and Lily is the brain child of Harvard Business School grad Alicia Yoon. After harboring a lifelong love of skincare, in addition to overcoming her personal skin issues, she took her education and her passion and made Peach and Lily a reality in 2012. The idea behind the brand, which has now been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Vogue, and Allure, is to bring actual Korean products to the US market in real time. 

The truth is that big name mass market brands have been doing formula research in Asia for decades, and now it’s time for the originators to take center stage and show the world what they can do. 

With an average regimen that can top out at 12 steps, the Korean routine can be a little intimidating, to say the least. But with an easily navigable site that allows you to browse by skin concern as well as product category, Peach and Lily makes incorporating new kinds of product easy for a Western audience. In addition to a 5 piece introductory kit that retails for $25 dollars, there are three kinds of products that will get you the most authentic experience with the best results.

  1. Sheet Masks: Now this is something that has worked its way into the Western beauty market over the last few years, and is a fun and often (not always!) inexpensive way to test out something new. With ecclectic ingredients like charcoal, snail essence, red ginseng and black pearl, there is a sheet mask for every skin concern. The best part is. after you’ve let the mask sit you can very often leave the remaining serum on the skin for maximum effectiveness.
charcoal_maskPhoto Credit: Peach and Lily

2. Essence: Akin to the toner you’ve grown up using, essence is a post-toner pre-serum step that adds soothing hydration back into the skin. They very often have redness reducing ingredients and help to prep the skin for the transformative powers of your follow up serum. Doubling up your toner step can be an unexpected way to add results to your routine without adding heavy layers of product.

Photo Credits: Peach and Lily

3. Sleeping Masks: It’s widely known throughout the skincare industry that the skin does the most of it’s regenerating at night while we sleep, so to have a whole category of product that capitalizes on that is basically genius. Whether you’re looking for pore refinement, hydration, or line smoothing, sleeping masks are packed with active ingredients to make sure you’re getting the most of what you need when your body needs it most. These can be used either in addition to or in place of a moisturizer depending on your skin’s needs.

Mizon_SnailWrinkleCareSleepingPack_NonewtagPhoto Credit: Peach and Lily

There are so many options to choose from when you branch out into the Korean beauty trend, and unlike most trends there are generations of research and development supporting whichever product you choose. 

Peach and Lily makes your options easier than ever by selecting the best that Korea has to offer, and making it available to all American skincare junkies looking to broaden their horizons. 

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