After four big Fashion Weeks in New York, Milan, London and Paris, what remains are not only the highlights of the collections, but the discussions and debates surrounding what was seen on the runway. Here, we offer some ideas for what we would like to see at  the upcoming fashion week in Milan.

A Sense of Humor

Fashion week is stressful, you know! Models with dull and tired faces covered with layers of makeup, stylists that have prepared for months for a show that lasts a handful of minutes, etc. All of these and more factors are exhausting and frustrating, but a smile and a lighter attitude can help ease the tension. Smiling releases endorphins and lowers stress levels, and a serene person is generally more approachable and reliable. Stylists, have your models smile and you will sell more clothes.


The ultimate muse for elegance: Dita Von Teese. Just her name conjures an image of her glamorous, feminine, 1950s style: sexy but not vulgar, and always with the highest quality clothing. Dita has good taste for every occasion. All designers should learn to select materials and design their clothing in a more refined way, trying to get away from the tendency to make creations too “ready-to-wear.” We want more attention to detail, from the sketch to the last seam.

0a2372ead1f33645dea4f5d50e52c8beDita Von Teese. Photo Credit: Joanne Davidson

Drag Queens

On the red carpet at the Jeremy Scott fashion show in New York, we glimpsed Chachki Violet and Miss Fame, two famous American drag queens. This is an example of how the drag queen figure is becoming less taboo and more mainstream. Are we close to eliminating the division between sexes, even within the world of fashion? The differences between men and women seem to become smaller and smaller, and even the catwalks have numerous androgynous models parading as both male and female. Designers, why not offer unisex fashion shows?

Violet Chachki and Miss Fame at Jeremy Scott; Photo Credit: Getty Images

Unisex Runways

Thus brings us to the big question: Do we really need to keep so rigidly separate the men’s fashion week from the women? We are surrounded by skater girls who steal XXL sweaters from their older brothers,  and as many guys who buy shirts or larger sized pants in designs that were originally for women. In truth, most of the clothes in the ready-to-wear genre has no gender.

anigif_enhanced-8410-1405444185-16Beck Holladay; Photo credit: Mickypancake

True Emerging Designers 

No celebrity endorsements, nobody promoted by fashion magazines, no pupil of some mega-designer: The opportunity to access the elite world of fashion should be granted to anyone talented enough to get in, indiscriminately. Right now, the designers of the future are buried in the crowd somewhere, and they will emerge through their passion and talent. This is how we will find the designers of the future, keeping in mind that many years ago, today’s giants of fashion rose to fame the same way.

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