Fall. Just the word rushes a million adjectives to one’s head: Crisp, fresh, colorful, and so many more. The air becomes cooler, nature changes, and the bugs go away, providing a perfect, picturesque and charming setting to try something new for a first date.

Below are some refreshing and fun ideas for an outing this season… maybe one of them will even land you a second date!


Autumn-Wedding-Details-Dessert-TablePhoto Credit: Botanical Paperworks

1) Go to a local pumpkin patch

First, have a little competitive fun and see who can pick out the biggest one, then continue the contest and have a second round by seeing who can carve out the best design on the front of your giant pumpkins. Extend the date for dessert by roasting the seeds or using the extra bits to make other delicious pumpkin treats. 

2) Check out your town’s favorite apple orchard

Make an event of it and take a hayride to tour the whole orchard. Pick some delicious, juicy apples, but also remember to sneak a few “bad” ones to play “apple schmear” with. Maybe you can even score another date by planning a time to use all of your freshly picked apples to bake with, think fresh apple pies or apple cinnamon muffins.


caramel-apples-how-to1Photo Credit: Givers Log

3) Get creative and have a backyard campout

If you really want to go all out, rent a projector, hang up a sheet, and watch a series of your favorite scary movies. Make it romantic by setting up a sweet bonfire for two. Don’t forget the s’mores stuff! Your date will be really impressed when you bring ingredients that will bring your s’mores to the next level like nutella, peanut butter, and ice cream to dip them in. 

4) Make a map of all of your local breweries and/or wineries

Many of them will have wonderful heavy fall/winter brews that are just perfect to get you in the mood for the chilly season. Take it to the next level and surprise your date with tickets to that night’s football game.


54bc25ec1c326_-_hbz-the-list-wine-early-mountain-vineyards-xlPhoto Credit: Harpers Bazaar

5) Go zip lining through the autumn leaves

Google local zip lining places near your city and take a crack at living on the adventurous side. Doing an activity that can lead to a high adrenaline rush will bring you a lot closer to your date. Plus, it is the perfect time of year as the leaves change and the outdoor scenery looks beautiful. 

These are just a few ideas for the season, which is fast approaching. With all the wonderful food and great weather that autumn can bring, make sure to get creative and take full advantage of the season before it gets too cold. Let us know how some of these date ideas work for some of our favorite StyleBlenders!


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