On September 19th, New York City will see a gathering of European aristocrats, designers, NYC socialites, artists, and Wall Street financiers. These international celebrities, and more, will all come together in the name of charity: The inaugural White Cross Ball of New York thrown by the Order of Malta Youth Committee NYC Area.

The Order of Malta is a centuries-old, global organization that gives medical and social assistance to the poor and sick. They provide relief to victims of war and natural disasters, first aid training to impoverished and remote villages, and assistance to the elderly, the disabled and the homeless. They have ambassador relations with the EU, observer status with the UN, and are active in over 120 countries.

The White Cross Ball is a one of a kind event will bring together some of America’s and Europe’s finest to have an exclusive and elegant ball at the Metropolitan Club. The Metropolitan Club is one of NYC most refined and luxurious venues, the oldest and most exclusive private club in the city. It’s the perfect backdrop for the coming together of high society in the name of fashion, art, and charity.

Photo Credit: Metropolitan Club

The White Cross Ball is a black tie affair, the goal of the event is to raise money for 3 specific projects that you can read about here. One of the Order of Malta’s biggest goals is to open up an international summer camp for disabled children here in the United States, a version of a project they have completed in Europe. Thus, this fundraising event is the first in a developing series of NYC events: Donors will have the opportunity to see this project grow in the future at each one.

And it’s already sold out. Given that this is the first Order of Malta’s New York City event of this scale, one might venture to say it’s already a success: The White Cross Ball sold out a week before the event, and is backed by 15 sponsors, big companies who believe in and support this project.

Macallan is sponsoring (we hear there is going to be cask whiskey tasting), as well as Prestat, who perhaps will be handing out some of their decadent chocolate truffles. Hotel Indigo-Rome St. George is connected. There are also a number of big players in fashion who have attached their name: Mulberry, an English company famous for their fine leather handbags; famed menswear designer Davide Cenci; Sophie Habsburg, aristocrat and handbag designer; and French shoe designer Lareymondie, to name a few.

This glamorous party is looking to be the perfect blend between the best of European and American cultures. And the best part is that it’s for charity. You can come for cocktails and socializing with the elite, or you can come to lend your name and your wallet for a good cause. StyleBlend will be attending… and we’re excited for both! Stay tuned to see how it goes.

smom_flagPhoto Credit: White Cross Ball

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