A crossroads between two worlds: the traditional American hospitality and the incomparable Italian artistic, cultural and gastronomic experience. In the middle, Rome – the Eternal City, a place to experience life from every angle, even the most unexpected. This is the vision that inspired the Hotel Indigo Rome – St. George, a 5 star boutique hotel in the heart of Capitoline Hill, surrounded by a maze of interesting architectural and artistic sites. The hotel is located in Via Giulia, just a few minutes from Piazza Navona, Castel Sant’Angelo and other wonders. This area was designed by the most famous artists and architects of the Renaissance, and is still today alive and vibrant with handicraft shops, art galleries and boutiques.

Library yepPhoto Credit: Hotel Indigo Rome – St. George

Hotel Indigo Rome – St. George, with 64 rooms – including Standard, Executive, Executive Suite, Family Suite and Deluxe, a subterranean spa and several restaurants, aims for an innovative approach. The hotel not only enhances the “Rome experience” for its guests, thanks to the location, but it also combines traditional Roman culture with beautiful contemporary Italian design.

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It’s a unique merging of history and modern architecture. The rooms – and the property in general –  have a decor that references the highest moments of Italian creativity: from the Fiat 500, to the authentic vintage Vespa in the lobby. Perhaps attracted to the “Made in Italy” concept, celebrities frequent the Hotel Indigo. Recently seen were the actors from the movie Spectre, the latest installement of the James Bond saga, filmed in Rome.

One’s stay at the Hotel Indigo is full of surprises. The hotel itself, in fact, represents a unique bit of Roman history. “Our hotel,” explains Nicholas Falez, Hotel group representative, “[embodies] much of the feelings of culture and art of the neighborhood in which it is located, that is the historic center of Rome. During the Renaissance, in this area Pope Julius II commissioned Bramante to build the new Vatican court. The project was never completed, but on the facade of our hotel you can see the original white boulders that were collected for the construction of the court. Also, you can often see walls of ancient Roman arches, as well as in the underground spa.”

Photo Credit: Hotel Indigo Rome – St. George

Food plays a leading role in this experience, as well, as Rome has a rich culinary tradition based on fresh food. You can enjoy food and beauty at the same time on the Roof Terrace, which is open during the summer season, offering the possibility to enjoy a wonderful view of the capital during lunch or dinner by candlelight. Chefs work closely with local suppliers, carefully selecting fresh produce and designing menus to help perfect food and wine pairings.

4 - RoofTopBarandRestaurant yepPhoto Credit: Hotel Indigo Rome – St. George 

“We look,” emphasizes Falez, “to a set of experiences, to enrich what our guests will live while staying at the hotel.” The St. George Spa, for example, is an area of complete relaxation. It’s located underground, away from the noise of city traffic, and features a jacuzzi, sauna, turkish bath and mini-gym, all while offering beauty treatments and a wide range of massage.

5 Spa_Treatment_RoomsPhoto Credit: Hotel Indigo Rome – St. George

If a simple visit to the Sistine Chapel doesn’t meet all the needs of the more curious tourists, Hotel Indigo Rome – St. George offers original all-inclusive tours. You might take a tour of the most beautiful churches in Rome, seeking out the most breathtaking views. Or you could spend a day with a chef, shopping at the market in Campo dei Fiori and then cooking a dish all together.

Bar_with_WinePhoto Credit: Hotel Indigo Rome – St. George 

Whatever you wish to see, and whatever is possible to imagine, allow the Hotel Indigo Rome – St. George to show you an original, authentic, immersive Roman experience.

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