During summer, the major cities slow down and experience a little peace and quiet: a feeling that is just a faded memory in winter due to crowds, pollution, traffic and so on.

During this time, many people are away on vacation. A number of people still go into the office, but there less running around, less urgency. The streets and the trains are less crowded. A brand-new town reveals itself to us.

Among the chaotic and exciting big cities that change with the seasons, New York has a special place.  While elsewhere, some shops close their doors for a holiday after all the summer sales are finished, the Big Apple never sleeps, even in August. 

Big fashion brands, PR reps and big event planners might take a brief holiday, but they all return to NYC in time for New York Fashion Week, which marks the beginning of fall.

After summer ends, everything goes back to normal. The trains are crowded again, tired people go back to work and the collective stress steadily climbs. Shops re-open and re-stock after their summer sales, and the number of tourists decreases.

Even the colors in the atmosphere change. From bright yellow sunshine and the blue of the sky and the sea, we start to see orange and brown in the leaves that surround our cities, and darker colors in our closets. 

At home, what we eat changes. We leave behind more colorful citruses and fruits to eat warm and hot meals, like chestnuts and pasta with mushrooms.

Cibi autunnaliPhoto Credit: Meteoweb

By the time the daylight becomes shorter and the nights become longer, we are fully immersed back in our everyday lives. It’s time for these new colors and smells to bring a change in the atmosphere; time for a calm and cool fall to replace a wild and crazy summer.

Photo Credit: 7-Themes

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