An innovative idea, dreamed up in Italy and born in the United States, has given to the people a new and revolutionary wearable technology that can change the sport of running.

New technology from Sensoria Fitness can not only help to make long distance running more interesting, it can help to yield better results.

imagesPhoto Credit: Sensoria Fitness

These smart socks have a nano sensor in their fabric that reads your posture, heart rate, and distance traveled, and sends them to the electronic anklet. This anklet stores the data, and sends it to the app, downloaded onto your phone or laptop at home.

You can find the Sensoria Fitness Mobile app in the Apple Store for all IOS devices, or the Android version in the Google Play Store.

Sensoria 2Photo Credit: Sensoria Fitness

Sensoria Fitness is like having your own personal trainer. It detects your movement in real time and gives you suggestions on pacing and stride as you run. In this way, the smart sock has completely revolutionized the workout.

10154888_565037243603330_3918819834423271891_nPhoto Credit: Sensoria Fitness

Sensoria has also just launched two new upgrades on its previous products. The Sensorial Fitness Bundle has added the Sensorial Fitness T-shirt (for men) and the Sensorial Sports Bra (for women). Both are equipped with a heart-rate sensor inside. This brand new design features new technology, and a new moisture-wicking fabric to minimize body temperature fluctuations. 

Sensoria 1Photo Credit: Sensoria Fitness

Sensoria Fitness was born in Seattle, created by three men from Italy. Davide Viganò, the CEO and Co-Founder; CTO, co-founder, and inventor of the Sensoria technology Mario Esposito; and software developer Maurizio Macagno, VP of Development and co-Founder. A perfect mix of Italy and America, the coming together of these two cultures has the potential to revolutionize the world of fitness. 

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